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How to have a FUN Bachelorette Party in your Small Town!

June 15, 2023 5 min read

small town bachelorette party ideas

Just because you’re having your bachelorette party in a small town doesn’t mean you have to settle for something lame & lifeless. Follow these tips for an AMAZING bachelorette party in any size town!

Invite the Town to celebrate with you

One of the best things about a small town is that everyone knows each other – Let everyone join in the fun! Decorate the Bride-to-be’s house and/or car so the whole town knows that today is her big day!

Get your girlfriends from out of town to join you

Nothing adds to the FUN like out of town BACHELORETTES. They do not care what the small town thinks of them, so they will be the most WILD and CRAZY…Pure entertainment and a perfect Bachelorette Night!!

For heavens sake- keep tabs on the Bride

Don’t let being in a small town back-fire on your bride – there can be no shenanigans going on that cross the Grooms “line” of good behavior. BELIEVE ME in a small town, a Naughty Bride WILL be caught and the groom WILL hear about it! Bachelorettes – Watch her like a hawk!


Small Town Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

With this popular bachelorette game you can send your bachelorettes all over town on a chase for the scavenger hunt list of goodies! For the best scavenger hunt make sure it has lot’s of personal things about the bride or fit’s with the theme of your bachelorette party! 

Bartending Class Bachelorette Party

Has the Bride ever wanted to pour drinks like a pro? Then a bar-tending bachelorette party is the perfect option! Find out the brides favorite drinks and learn to mix them like a pro!

Bachelorette Olympic Games

Find a local Park and set up your own Bachelorette Olympic Games – Try an obstacle course…you come up with the games and keep the competition going with great prizes for the Bride-to-be and the bachelorettes!

Bachelorette Camping

Tell your guests to bring their tent and sleeping bag for a night under the stars complete with a bonfire and truth or dare games!

Makeover Bachelorette Party

Invite the local beautician to give advice on new hairstyles and make-up to the Bride and bachelorettes.  Apply each others makeup and once everyone is made up perfectly, head out to a night on the town and show off you new looks!

Bachelorette Biking

Start by decorating the bachelorettes bikes with streamers and banners! Then, head out on the trail or roads for a mini parade around town! This bachelorette party will relax the bride and keep her in shape for her wedding dress!

Bachelorette vs. the Bachelors Flag Football Game

Challenge the bachelor party to a friendly game of flag football or capture the flag. Assign cheerleaders and come up with cheers for each team. Wear matching T-shirts to commemorate this fun event for the Bride and Groom! 

Off Road Bachelorette Party

Take the bachelorettes and borrow your favorite off-roading vehicles (4 wheelers) for a FUN day in the mud! Head to the local dive bar afterwards for an ice-cold beer and dancing!

Bachelorette Bowling

Have your bachelorettes compete at your very own bowling tournament. Divide your groups into teams and offer prizes for high score, best outfit, best bowling cheer, etc. 

Bachelorette Rodeo

Head to the local rodeo for some FUN! Dress up and watch rodeo events or even participate (try the greased pig grab!). Invite cute cowboys to the local saloon after the event is over!

Spa at Home Bachelorette Party

What is more relaxing than a facial with your friends! Give each other facials and manicures…spending a day in your robe and slippers. Plan to play the brides favorite music, serve her favorite drinks, and enjoy some quality girl-time! Mix up your own face masks and hire a masseuse to come to your home and give everyone a 15-minute massage.

Bachelorette Baking or Cooking Class

Invite your local expert baker or cook for a great night of cooking with all your friends. Make all of the brides' favorite foods or pick a theme (like wedding night fondues or sauces) to get the party going. Give the Bride a special newlywed apron as a cute gift for this special night!

Bachelorette BBQ

Build a fire in the fire pit, poor some martinis or cold beer and invite the bachelorettes over for a fun time in the backyard. Grill weenies and have a contest to see who can eat one the most suggestively.

Bachelorette Slumber Party

Grab some party games and the brides' favorite munchies and you have a great party in no time. Circle the sleep bags on the living room floor, grab the brides' favorite movies (cheesy romance such as “16 candles” or old school scary such as “Pet Cemetery..." you pick! A bachelorette slumber party is perfect for the bride who wants to experience the good old days one more time!

Bachelorette Movie Night

See a movie at the theater or enjoy a night in with your favorite Netflix. Afterward play a movie trivia game and truth or dare! Don’t forget the popcorn!

Bachelorette Game Night

Invite the bachelorettes to a board game Olympics complete with prizes! All you need is 3+ board games and someone to keep score! Choose the Brides 3 favorite games!  Or go crazy and make it a drinking game! Just make sure everyone has a safe ride home after the party!

Bachelorette Wine Tasting Party

Pick your theme (such as California Red Wines or Merlot) from the Brides favorite wines and ask every Bachelorette to bring a bottle from this group to drink and a bottle for the Bride as a gift. Grab some fruits, cheeses, bread and chocolate and you have yourself a party! 

Bachelorette Pizza Party

Pick up the Brides favorite toppings and invite the bachelorettes over to make her favorite pizza. Make is a contest - let the bride judge the pizza and give the winner a prize!

Bachelorette Fondue Party

Make a pot of cheese and a pot of chocolate fondue and grab lots of special items to dip. Ratchet up the fun by picking phallic items to dip.  Ad a bachelorette game too!

Bachelorette Poker Night

Some poker chips, a couple of decks of cards (naughty ones of course!) and you have yourself a great poker party! Create several self-serves cocktails and pick lots of salty snacks.

Karaoke Bachelorette Party

Write a bunch of the brides' favorite songs down and put them in a fishbowl. Then have each Bachelorette draw a song out of the bowl and serenade her. If you really want to see a good show, draw the songs a few days prior to the party and let everyone practice their songs! Make sure to take lots of videos!

As always, please send me your great additions and comments! THANKS!
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