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Bachelorette Party Checklist

June 15, 2023 3 min read

Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

This bachelorette party checklist will help you nail the bachelorette party planning, even if it's your first bachelorette party!  Thoughtful planning can help you avoid common pitfalls and have the party of a lifetime.

3 – 6 Months from the Wedding

  • Talk with the Bride –What does she want to do? What items and activities are off-limits? Make sure you cater the evening to her!
  • Pick the Bachelorette Party Date – This is usually on a weekend a week or two before the wedding. You don’t want to have the party the night before the wedding unless you plan something early that doesn’t involve alcohol. Check with the bride to make sure she’s free!
  • Pick a Bachelorette Party Idea – Bachelorette parties can be as unique as the bride! Visit The House of Bachelorette for Bachelorette Party theme ideas, or visit our Pinterest page for inspiration. Once you select an idea – start planning! Come up with decorations, party favors, dress code, games, and food and drink that all fit with the theme.
  • Send a Save-the-Date Email to the invitees – Let them know the date (advanced notice is ideal – especially if they are buying plane tickets!), the party idea, the bride’s requests, and ask if anyone would like to help with the planning.

2 – 3 Months prior to the Bachelorette Party

  • Book the Venue, buy the tickets, order the transportation, following your Bachelorette Party Idea – You may need to collect the pricing info and e-mail the attendees to send you money for tickets and other items you have to purchase in advance. Buying tickets in one big block means you know you’ll all be together and you won’t have to worry about one girl forgetting to purchase her ticket!

1-2 Months prior to the Bachelorette Party

  • Make all the final reservations – Restaurants, party rooms, tables at the club, transportation, etc. Make certain to ask for discounts/specials.
  • Send out the official Bachelorette Party invite – Make sure to let the attendees know if a contribution is needed from them and let them know the amount. Send the final itinerary with the invite.

2 weeks – 1 Month Prior to the Bachelorette Party

  • Plan your Bachelorette Party Bags – Fill it with all the items you will need to have a BLAST, and make enough for all of the ladies in attendance. We recommend including something fun for everyone to wear, a treat for the night, something related to the night’s theme, and a small “Hangover kit” if you plan on drinking!
  • Order all of your Bachelorette Party Items – A Tiara, Veil, feather boas, naughty props, a naughty gift for the bride, any supplies you may need for the games, etc. Visit TheHouseofBachelorette.com for all of your bachelorette party supply needs!
  • Order custom items for the Bride – Want the bride to stand out? Get her a custom item with her name on it! She can re-wear it for the wedding and honeymoon. The House of Bachelorette has some fantastic custom rhinestone items for her.

1 Week Prior to the Bachelorette Party

  • Create your Bachelorette Party Playlist –Take a look at our suggestions for some of the songs downloads we have on our site,
  • Follow up on RSVPs – If there are some ladies you still haven’t heard from, reach out to them so you can get final counts for the big night.

The Day before the Bachelorette Party

  • Send a reminder to the bride and the guests – Let them know when and where to meet, and remind them of anything specific they’re supposed to wear/bring.
  • Prep items for the party – Fill the goody bags, make sure you have all of your decorations and supplies needed for the games.
  • Wrap the bride’s gift – Make sure to write a fun note to accompany the Brides gift!

On the Day of the Bachelorette Party

  • Arrive at the meeting place approximately 30 minutes early to make certain you are first to arrive. Take a couple of other Bachelorettes with you and have a drink! You deserve it!
  • Keep an eye on the bride and make sure she’s taken care of throughout the night.  It’s her party, make sure she’s the star!
  • If you’re giving gifts, keep a tally of who gave what items so the bride can send out thank you cards.

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