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About Us

Welcome to your new home for modern Bachelorette Party ideas, games, supplies, trends, fashions and gifts!

We at The House of Bachelorette think that the other Bachelorette Party sites out there all seem to be alike—high on trashy and low on quality. Did you know that many of them are owned by the same people selling raunchy pornography and hard core sex toys? Yep! We were surprised to learn that, too. While The House of Bachelorette is NOT inhabited by prudes (we love a good Chippendales Show or Penis-shaped lollipop) we know a Bachelorette Party can be so much more. A modern Bachelorette Party doesn’t have to follow a certain path. Brides today can blaze their own trail and make their Bachelorette night whatever they want. We are dedicated to helping you in every way possible to have the Bachelorette Party of your dreams. It should be a night (or day) with your closest friends that you will never forget!

The House of Bachelorette is woman-owned and woman-empowered, founded in Seattle Washington in 2008. We will always strive to listen to you and to meet your needs. Here are some of the things we have for you: Our Product – We are constantly searching for the latest, coolest, funniest, best products just for you! Check us out often for limited-edition products, special offers and the latest and best Bachelorette Party supplies and gifts. We are at your service – Please feel free to e-mail us anytime with your Bachelorette Party questions or comments at CustomerCare@TheHouseofBachelorette.com. We LOVE to hear from you!


About our founder, Steph Storm

A retail executive and buyer for major retail companies like Sears, White House Black Market and Eddie Bauer, Steph Storm decided to fullfill her dream of starting her own business and launched The House of Bachelorette in 2008. "I got the idea when I was the Maid of Honor at my sisters Wedding " says Steph. "I was afraid to give my credit card info and email address to those other Bachelorette Party sites". Having a fun, safe shopping environment was Steph Storm's main motivation for launching TheHouseofBachelorette.com. Since launching the site she has started other businesses, gotten married and started a family. Steph Storm is also a mentor for small businesses. "I have a passion for helping other people fulfill their dreams of owning a business," says Steph. TheHouseofBachelorette.com won the Start-Up Nation small business award in 2009. Steph Storm, founder of TheHouseofBachelorette.com, has also been featured in countless magazines, journals and business publications including the December 2011 issue of Redbook Magazine.