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The Ultimate Guide to Meeting Guys at a Bachelorette Party

June 14, 2023 2 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Meeting Guys at a Bachelorette Party

The bride may be taken, but that doesn't mean the rest of the ladies at the bachelorette party are! Take advantage of your group of wing-women being all in one place and meet some guys! Here are some of our favorite tips and techniques:

Use the Bride as a Wing-Woman

The Bride will clearly be the center of attention and may be getting offers for free drinks. If she's not interested in drinking more, have her say something like "I'm fine for the moment, but my friend would love one!" Have her introduce you to the guys as her attractive, funny, and single friend. It'll keep her out of trouble and will help you get phone numbers!

Play Truth or Dare

Is your friend chickening out on meeting that cute guy? Dare her to go over there! Truth or Dare is a common Bachelorette Party game, and is a fantastic way to make each other talk to guys or ask for drinks. It's even more fun if you invite a group of guys over to play a dare game with you!

Go On a Man Hunt

Our Hottie Hunt stickers will encourage you to search for the cutest guys! Give each girl a sheet of stickers and whenever you see someone who fits a sticker description, put it on him. The first girl to use up all of her stickers wins! The guys will be flattered by the compliments!

Use a Scavenger Hunt as an Ice Breaker

When creating a scavenger hunt for your party, include items that say, "Take photos with as many hot guys as possible." and "Get a cute guy's name and phone number." At the end of the night, you can compare your pictures and stories of all the guys you met! Want your scavenger hunt to be solely focused on guys? Try incorporating Truth or Dare into the scavenger hunt!

Don't Forget Basic Dating Etiquette!

If you see a hot guy you've gotta talk to, think about the situation from his point of view. You're one of a group of girls wearing similar outfits. Separate yourself to talk to him so you stand out from the crowd. But make sure you've got a girl in the group to keep an eye out for you. If the guy ends up being a loser or a bit too skeezy, text her a code word so she can make up an excuse to get you out of there!

Always Follow Girl Code

Don't ever let a girl leave with a guy by herself unless you know she's fully in control of the situation. Tonight's about the ladies and you want to make sure it's a fun and safe time! Check out our printable Girl Code agreement here.

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