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Bachelorette Party Ideas: Slumber Party

June 14, 2023 2 min read

bachelorette slumber party

As the weather gets colder, the idea of wandering around bars in tiny dresses and heels may seem less appealing. When you’d rather stay inside and cozy, we recommend throwing a fantastic (and nostalgic) bachelorette slumber party!



Cut some paper into the shape of a sleep mask and add ribbons to the sides. Voila! An inexpensive and cute invitation! Or get a real bachelorette sleep mask to insert into the invitation!


Decor can be as relaxed or lavish as you want. If you go for a nostalgic slumber party vibe, you can cover the walls with posters of the bride's favorite teen heartthrobs. Play the music the Bride loved as a teenager or put on some of your old favorite movies in the background. Be sure to set up a cool photo backdrop area to encourage lots of picture taking!



It’s not a sleepover without some games and gossip! We love all of the bachelorette party games but especially think the “What I Know about the Bride” game is fun for a sleepover. You’ll get to know each other better and see who knows the bride best. Combine those games with nostalgic favorites like Twister!


Get all of your favorite slumber party foods: pizza, popcorn, candy, and more. Set it all out on a table so guests can munch on it throughout the night.

Don’t forget the morning! This cereal bar is a fun and pretty way to enjoy breakfast without having to do much prep.

Gifts & Party Favors

Put together a tote bag filled with “sleepover essentials” including things like a toothbrush, a DIY facial, a sleep mask, and some slipper socks.

Do something special for the bride: get her a special outfit to wear for the night and package it in a cute bride tote bag that she can use for her honeymoon or other overnight trips after she’s married. If it’s too chilly for just a sleep set, get her a cozy bride hoodie. These can be re-worn on her wedding day while she’s getting ready!

For more slumber party inspiration, check out our Pinterest board. What would you include in your slumber party?

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