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Why You Should Have a Halloween Bachelorette Party

October 05, 2020 2 min read

Why You Should Have a Halloween Bachelorette Party

Halloween and weddings may not seem like the perfect combination, but Halloween can be a great time for a bachelorette party! Here are five reasons why you should consider having a bachelorette party on a Halloween weekend:

1. Drink Specials

Want to get your drink on? There are lots of promotions and specials going on at bars and restaurants on Halloween weekend. You can totally cash in by having your bachelorette party during this time of year.

2. Playing Dress Up

Getting your more conservative bachelorette party guests to dress in silly costumes may not happen during other times of the year, but during Halloween weekend there’s a great chance that your girls will be more than ready to have fun with costumes.

3. Clear Calendar

Most people already expect to devote Halloween weekend to fun events and parties. So they likely will be more willing to clear some space for your Halloween bachelorette party.

4. Festive Atmosphere

Halloween is just a fun time overall. So any where you go you’ll likely encounter a more festive atmosphere, and plenty of people ready to have a good time with you. Chances are there will be an abundance of bar-goers ready to buy you and your girlfriends lots of drinks.

5. Great Photos

It could be the only time of year where you could have bachelorette party pictures taken with Elvis, a mummy or Michael Jackson. Just think of all the fun party photos you’ll be able to capture by having your bachelorette party on Halloween weekend.

With these great reasons, why not?! Don’t forget to throw in some cute bachelorette decorations to set the mood. Goodluck!

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