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25 "Dress As..." Bachelorette Party Ideas

25 "Dress As..." Bachelorette Party Ideas

Looking for ideas for a "Dress As..." Bachelorette party? Here are 25 quick ideas to choose from! It's sure to bring a plethora of laughs! Consider giving out a hilarious prize to the winner for different categories such as: best dressed, most colorful, most accurate, and so on!

1. Childhood Photos

This one can be really fun to do if you've been friends with the bride since childhood and have photos together! Find your cutest pair of overalls and get your hair done-up in pigtails. Extra points for props. Maybe that soccer photo on your mom's fridge is your inspiration? Make sure to bring a soccer ball! Each guest has to bring a copy of the picture to reference, so you can clearly see who had the most accurate outfit. 

2. Moment You Met The Bride

Did you meet the bride when you were in college? Dress in a typical outfit for you two, or if you remember- the exact outfit! If you met them as a baby, you can be really funny and get an adult diaper to go over your clothes or wear a onesie! Everyone will show up uniquely dressed and if you have the guts to go out, will truly have people taking a double take!

3. Your Type

Build a partner... except it's yourself. Do you like gym rats? Dress in a muscle tank or sports bra and shorts! You can use contour to define your muscles too. Do you like a partner that's dark and mysterious? Do a dark eye look. You can use hair chalk to make your hair dark or use a wig (if that's part of the appeal!). Mix and match to find your perfect partner! 

4. Bride's Drunk Looks

Were you around during the bride's party phase (or maybe she's still in it- live it up!) Start by picking your favorite night-out outfit of the bride. Recreate any hilarious photos of the bride's and put them all in a photo book to give to her as a personal funny gift. Have a before and after photoshoot with these fun mugshot photo props to hold up before and after the festivities for comparison! The person with the most accurate look gets a koozie as a prize! 

5. Bride's Favorite Movie/Show

Is the Bride a movie lover? They'll love this "Dress as..." theme. This is a fun one to do in groups; for example, if the Bride likes the movie "Heathers" you can have three Heathers and a Veronica and keep adding characters for all the people in your group, kind of like a mini "Heathers" convention! Maybe the bride is more tv into shows in which case you can go as a cast from "Friends" or "How I met Your Mother"! Put down a red carpet and have a photo shoot too!

6. Bride's Celebrity Crush

Do the newlyweds have a certain "agreement" in the form of "celebrity hall pass?" Dress up as the one at the top of their list, Ryan Reynolds: dress like Deadpool from "Deadpool" or go as Ryan Reynolds himself! Perhaps Margot Robbie? Get into your best pink outfit from her in "Barbie" or do a complete 180 from that and dress like Harley Quinn from "Birds of Prey" or "Suicide Squad." 

7. Bride's Favorite Celebrities

Even if the bride only has eyes for their partner, I'm sure they have a celebrity crush! Show your #TeamSelena by dressing up in different eras of Selena Gomez or Harry Styles of course! You can even make it a game like "Recreate Met Gala looks only using the supplies in your house!" Whoever has the best recreation gets a prize!

8. Bride's Favorite Sports

Time to get geared up! Put on your most sporty outfit, extra points if you dress up as their favorite athlete! Get those cleats or leotards on and practice your best celebratory dance! Have some friendly competition and represent with our Team Bride collection!

9. Bride's Favorite Color 

What color does the bride reach out to when it comes to anything and everything at Target? Mauve? Cornflower? Vermillion? Whatever it is, dress as something that is that color. Pink, dress like a Barbie or Flamingo!

10. Birth Stone

What's your birth month? No matter the answer, dress in the color of that birthstone! We compiled a list for you!

  • January: Garnet (Red)
  • February: Amethyst (Purple)
  • March: Aquamarine (Blue) or Bloodstone (Red/Black)
  • April: Diamond (Silver)
  • May: Emerald (Green)
  • June: Alexandrite (Purple/Blue), Moonstone & Pearl (Cream/Off-white)
  • July: Ruby (Red)
  • August: Peridot (Lime Green)
  • September: Sapphire (Dark blue)
  • October: Opal (Holographic), Tourmaline (Green/Red)
  • November: Citrine & Topaz (Orange)
  • December: Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon (Various blues)

11. Your Red Flag

What's your red flag- be honest! Well, whatever it is, lets personify them! Remember red flags are subjective... sometimes. Maybe you're clumsy (me too, I like to consider it a cute part of me but it's not for everyone). You can dress like something slippery like a banana or dress like one of those "slippery when wet" signs (for a naughty twist keep it like that or instead of "wet" it could say your name!).

12. Song Title

Listen up music lovers! This can be as literal or abstract as you desire! For example, "Stiches" by Shawn Mendez could be a great opportunity to wear a lot of patchwork clothes and bring out your inner makeup artist to put fake stiches on your face with eyeliner or if you're really committed, SFX makeup! You can also be more abstract with something like "Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift and you can use your creativity! This one is SO easy to make into a game. You could all try to guess each other's and whoever guesses the most gets a fun party favor!

13. Bride's Future

We all know the Bride has a bright future ahead! Play fortune teller with this theme: Do you think she'll be a CEO of a company? With a baby or pregnant? Travelling the world with her partner? Dress as your best guess or do your makeup as older versions of the bride!

14. Bride's "Eras"

Are there old photos laying around of the bride? Let's take them out and pass 'em around! Your bride is iconic after all, let's go back to the times that were defining moments like high school, college? First ever job perhaps? Or milestone birthdays like their 21st! Dress up as your favorite bride era and the bride will sure to have  good laugh. 

15. From a Different Decade

Let's go back through the ages! Choose your favorite decade and style yourself around the fashion of that time! Have everyone come dressed as a singular decade! Go BACH to the 80's or 90's for instance! You could also assign people to a timeframe to make sure there is a little of everything! 

16. Bride's Hobbies

The Bride is more than just their partner, friends, and work! They have little things that make them unique like hobbies! If they're into pottery, make sure you have some clay and an apron on hand! You'll want a knit sweater for those knitters/crocheters and some hooks! You can go all out and have stations for the hobby(s)! 

17. Barbie

Come on Barbie, lets Bach Party! Get all pink and sparkly with this Barbie-Inspired theme! Whether you show up in fuchsia tutus or something more casual like a hot pink Barbie-Inspired Bride shirt, you're sure to rock out with this theme!

18. Disco Cowgirl

Time to take out the bellbottoms and blinged out cowgirl hats! Come dressed as the BEST mash up of all time with the bling from the disco and the sexy yee-haw of the cowgirl! Be sure to celebrate in wild style with this Disco Cowgirl theme!!

19. Your Ick

We all have one, someone does it in front of you and you just internally (or externally) gag? Well, see how many of your friends relate! This theme can spark some very interesting discussions, and creative approaches to creating outfits centered around chewing with your mouth open or revving your engine as you pass a pedestrian in a neighborhood... seriously, why?

20. Your Funny "Hot Take"

Is there something on the less popular side that you SWEAR by? For example, do you think something is overrated that it might spark a bit of a reaction from the people around? We know that most people are team iPhone but maybe you're team Android? Perhaps denim on denim should be a fashion YES along with crocs! Whatever it may be, it's sure to spark some conversation and creative looks. 

21. Your Old Prom Attire

What was your prom theme? A Night to Remember? Under the Stars? Enchanted Forest? Whatever it may be, break out those old boxes and grab your prom dress and heels and let's hit the dance floor! 

22. Grandparents

Bring some chocolate chip cookies with this one! Get your grey wigs and whatever stereotypical grandparent of your choice to embody! Are you a sweet 'ol gran? Grouchy "Get off my lawn!" gramp? Maybe you're really close to the bride and dress up like the Bride's grandparents! 

23. Bride's Childhood Dream Job

Did the Bride want to be an astronaut? Rockstar? Janitor like "Junie. B Jones?" Did I just unlock a memory...? You're welcome. No matter the youngsters' dreams, make them feel as though they are all coming true at once! Get into your space uniform or in a bright long pink wig with a guitar!

24. Neon/Rainbow

Get your colors on! With this theme, you can give each person a color and they come dressed up in it! Check out our LGBTQIA+ collection full with rainbows, wigs, tutus, and more! Go the extra mile and have each of them bring food or drink the same color! You'll look like and BE the rainbow!

25. Floral

What's everyone's favorite flower? While the bride is in all white, this could make some SUPER aesthetic photos when everyone is in pretty florals. Decorate your place to look like a soft garden with this perfect blush floral party decor!

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