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How to Choose the Best Bachelorette Party Gift for ANY Bride

October 25, 2023 3 min read

How to choose the Best Bachelorette Party Gift for the Bride

Bachelorette Party gifts can range from sweet to glam to naughty--so how do you pick the best one for the bride-to-be? The bride's personality, type of wedding she's having, and type of bachelorette party she's having can all affect the gift decision. (There's nothing worse for a bride than having to open up naughty gifts in front of her grandma!) As long as you know some basics about the bride and the party, our bachelorette gift ideas below will turn you into the best gift-giver ever!

Bachelorette Party Gifts for the Bride

If the Bride is Glam...

Get her something glitzy that shines as brightly as she does! A luxury rhinestone Bride sash is the perfect idea! Pair it with a rhinestone Bride tiara that she can use at her bachelorette party and Bridal Shower. Top the wrapped present with a gigantic light up ring for added pizzazz! 

If the Bride is Classy...

Keep it elegant and a little girly. Get her a specials Bridal shirt to wear during her bridal shower and bachelorette party and get her something fun to wear for her soon-to-be-husband. A Bridal Robe is an option that the Bride and Groom will both love: it is sexy and isn't too risqué! Wrap it in a box and top it with a cute sleep mask. 

If the Bride is Wild...

Get her something risqué to wear at her party and something else naughty she can share with her future husband! We recommend a naughty veiland some honeymoon-approved edible underwear.  Wrap it up in a sparkle gift bag that's a little naughty too!

If the Bride is Sporty...

Find her a gift she can continue to wear while working out! Our Bridal hoodies are comfortable and practical, but still lets everyone know she's getting married. Pair them with a Bride Cup (for good hydration) and wrap the gift in her favorite sports team's colors!

If the Bride is your Sister/Daughter...

You want to get her a fun gift, but you don't love the idea of giving her lingerie or any other "naughty" items, so pamper her instead! Make the bride a spa kit that she can use leading up to the wedding. We recommend including flip flops, a Bridal sleep mask, a nail file, and a gift certificate to her favorite spa.

If it's a Destination Bachelorette Party...

Pack the bride's bags for her! A Bride tote bag is a cute gift that the bride can reuse to pack her wedding day necessities or while traveling to her honeymoon. Stock the bag full of the bride's favorite goodies, as well as stuff she can use during the bachelorette party.

If it's a Lingerie Party...

A lingerie party calls for lingerie! Yours will stand out if you get something pretty and lacey and Bridal. We recommend a trio of Bridal panties. The groom will love this gift too!!  Throw in a couple of other lingerie shower items too.  Wrap this gift in an organza bag.

Lingerie Shower Supplies

If it's a Co-Ed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party...

Get something that the bride and groom can use together, but that won't be too horribly embarrassing to open in mixed company. For a great gift create a "honeymoon" or "relax" kit with some of their favorite treats, a set of bridal sleep masks, and some magazines/books for them to read after the wedding's over! Wrap everything up in our super cute gift bag!

Overall, aim for a gift that is the bride's style and isn't something she'd normally purchase for herself. Traditionally, bachelorette gifts are items that the bride can wear or use on the honeymoon or as a newlywed, but don't shy away from just pampering the bride as well! A few of her favorite treats will go a long way in calming her nerves leading up to the wedding!

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