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Come on Barbie Let's Bach Party!

July 21, 2023 3 min read

Come on Barbie Let's Bach Party!

Pink, iconic, girly, glam, girls night; do we have your attention?! If any of these words caught your attention then we think we have the perfect Bachelorette Party theme for you. Barbie!  Read on for the perfect ideas, apparel, décor, and other must-haves! Learn what it means to have a Come-on Barbie, Let's Bach Party Theme!

First Step: Destination

You need to find the perfect location for your Bachelorette Party with all of your closest besties. Luckily with a Barbie theme there's so many options to choose from! You could decide to go with Malibu Barbie and travel to a tropical place like Hawaii or Mexico, or stay local! You could really lean into the luau vibe.

Maybe you're more into live music and want to go with a rock star Barbie Bachelorette Party! Attend a live concert and watch your favorite artist sing all of your favorite songs. Depending on the type of vibe you're looking for you can choose an indoor concert or outdoor concert! Might be the perfect location to incorporate elements of disco!

Looking for a more intimate party setting? What about hosting a big sleepover with your bridal party. Transform your space into the Barbie Dreamhouse with pink décor and fun sleep accessories! You can watch movies, play games, dress up, and spend all night talking about the big day coming up.


Once you have decided where you want to throw your Bachelorette Party, it's important to pick out your decorations! Since this is the ultimate Barbie Bachelorette Party we all know what color you must have an abundance of... pink!! Cover all of your tables with pink table covers and consider adding a staple centerpiece. Of course you're going to be taking a ton of photos at your party so make sure you have a fun pink backdrop! We think a shimmery, shiny backdrop would take your photos to the next level. Balloons make great backdrops as well! Whether you want a pink balloon arch or a balloon banner saying "Bride to Be", make sure to fill the room! This is a Barbie themed party of course, and that means we can't forget about Ken! Add our little drink dudes onto the side of your glasses for a nice extra touch.

Outfit/ Accessories

Personally this is our favorite part. Barbie is know for having iconic outfits and we want to make sure that you do too! If you are leaning into the Malibu Barbie theme, then you have to have the perfect swimsuit. Consider our iconic Barbie pink bridal swimsuit and add a pearl bridal sarong for the perfect Malibu Barbie fit. Barbie likes to stand out so don't shy away from accessories! A set of pink bridal statement earrings is a necessity to pull your look together. Pair those earrings with a fabulous pink boa and a pink glittery bridal headband. The more pink and glitter the better! All of your friends could wear hot pink bride squad shirts and you need a fabulous bride to be sash of course. If you're wanting to have a sleepover with all of your besties, make sure the squad all has fun satin sleep masks!


Every party needs great food and snacks! Spread out some naughty pink candy across your food table to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Don't stop there, cupcakes are a perfect bite size treat that everyone will love. Add some glamorous cupcake toppers to keep even the food on theme! Pink plates, napkins, and cutlery will further make your guests feel like they are in the Barbie Dreamhouse. What better way to scream, "Come on Barbie let's go party!" than pink shot glasses and wine glasses. Some other snack ideas that are on theme are cake pops, cookies (that you can use a customized cookie cutter to make into fun shapes) and cotton candy! 


You're all set up for your party and now it's time to have some fun! Lay out a bunch of disposable and polaroid cameras so your friends can take pictures all day long. Then, add all of these photos to a photo album so you never forget all of the fun you all had. If you and the girls are feeling spicy, consider doing a pink lingerie try on party. Sorry Ken, you'll have to wait your turn. Barbie is very close with her friends, so get even closer with yours by playing games like truth or dare, never have I ever, and would you rather. We all know that Barbie likes to be in full glam, so consider giving each other makeovers! Sounds like some pink tinsel eyelashes are essential for the perfect Barbie makeover.


Take a look at our Come on Barbie Let's Bach Party Theme tab for inspiration, decorations, and more!

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