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How to Throw a Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Party

August 01, 2023 3 min read

How to Throw a Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Party

Thinking about what theme you want for your Bachelorette Party? What about a theme that combines two fabulous themes into one? Do you like glitter, sparkles, and shine? Do you also like the wild west and wearing cute cowgirl hats? Well we have the PERFECT theme for you. DISCO COWGIRL! We are seeing this new modern trend everywhere and it is a great way to add  little bit of everything to your special celebration! Here are a few simple steps to creating the perfect Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette party

1. Invitations

First things first, you need your invitations. Think about selecting an invitation that has cowgirl hats and horseshoes, and add some sparkles. Send it out to all of your closest friends! Since this is a disco cowgirl party, think about including some festive confetti in the invitations so when your friends open them it will be a fun surprise and help give your guests an idea of your party theme!

2. Decorations

For your next step, you'll need to pick out your decorations. Make sure to select something that screams, "yee haw!" but also "let's get groovy!"

          It's important to start with a backdrop for photos of course! You can either choose a silver fringe backdrop that definitely gives disco vibes, or select a pink cowgirl pennant banner if you want to lean into your cowgirl roots. Balloons are another great backdrop for photos! Whether you choose from our variety of our aesthetic colorful balloon arches, or grab some word balloons that say, "bride to be" or "cheers" it will be the perfect addition to your disco cowgirl Bachelorette Party.

          I'm sure you'll be eating some delicious food at your party, and drinks too of course! Consider snacking on some delicious cowboy caviar, and sipping on a mocktail or cocktail with edible glitter! So don't forget to grab some disco ball coasters, plates, and cupcake toppers to tie your food and drink table all together. If you're a beer drinking cowgirl, consider adding an "I'm Getting Married Y'all" can cover to make even your cans on theme. Or! Put your favorite drink in a disco ball sipper. Are you more of a shot gal? Our light up pecker shot glass will be sure to add some fun to the party and add to the disco vibe!

3. Accessories

And now we're at the most fun part. Accessories! Everyone knows you need to have the perfect outfit for your Bachelorette Party and accessories bring any outfit you choose from a 9 to a 10! So let's make sure you have fun girly cowgirl hats for you and all of your friends. Since it's your special day, we want you to stand out! Adding a western themed sash to your look will be perfect for photos and on theme. It's also all about the details. Our hot pink western earrings are the perfect subtle, yet adorable accessory for your look. Consider our "I'm Getting Married Y'all" shirt that has beautiful pink sparkles perfect to match with a skirt, pants, or shorts! Need a final touch? A pink western bling bandana is the perfect accessory that screams disco cowgirl. We can't wait for you to look amazing!

4. Games

No party is complete without some games! We have so many games to choose from. How about a naughty game of pin the pistol on the cowboy? Or a spin the bottle drinking game? Maybe a drinking lotto game? These games will be sure to leave you and your friends laughing, drinking, and partying all night long. Follow up these games with a dance party! We have a free wild west playlist that will set the mood for you and the girls to get in some line dancing! Or maybe you want to take it back to the 80's and listen to a throwback playlist! Dance all night long girl, you deserve it.

5. Gifts

Once your fabulous Bachelorette Party has come to an end. What better way to thank your best friends than by handing out some party favors. Fill some disco ball pattern gift bags with polaroid pictures you snapped at the party, and a western boot shaped shot glass! Throw in a light up ring for more disco fun! 


We hope you feel prepared to throw the perfect disco cowgirl bachelorette party! Check out our Disco Cowgirl Theme page for décor, accessories, and more!

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