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Everything You Need for a Taylor Swift Eras Tour Bachelorette Party

July 18, 2023 4 min read

Everything You Need for a Taylor Swift Eras Tour Bachelorette Party

Taylor Swift is taking the world by storm with her Eras Tour. Fans from around the world have been so excited to hear Taylor Swift's most recent album Midnights, while also listening to their favorite songs from all of her past albums. Tickets to the tour have become so expensive due to such a high demand, but let us help you bring the Eras Tour to you for your Bachelorette party! Decorate, dress up, and celebrate according to all of your favorite Taylor Swift Albums from 2006 to now! Mix and match each album theme or stick to your favorite!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's very first album was just the beginning of her incredible singer-songwriter career. Young Taylor was known for her country roots so make sure to have plenty of cute and colorful bridal cowgirl hats laying around for you and your friends. This is the perfect album to incorporate a disco cowgirl theme into your party. We're also hoping that with plenty of our party girl backdrops this celebration won't be A Picture to Burn.


Fearless was Taylor Swift's first album that she re-recorded to have full ownership of so it's a pretty big deal. Just like the bride! Getting married is a true Love Story so take a look at our heart shaped pearl sunglasses to accessorize your look. To make this party The Best Day, include some bride themed balloons to decorate your space. To ensure that you say," Today Was a Fairytale," don't forget to include gold accents and décor to create an ambiance just like the album. Don't forget the shimmery gold tutus and gold glitter sunglasses!

Speak Now

Taylor Swift just released Speak Now Taylor's Version in July so that gives you a reason to celebrate in itself! Of course you must get a purple bridal sash, as purple is the signature color of Speak Now. Also, make sure you have a surplus of purple decorations by using our purple decoration kit and purple paper lanterns! Although you might feel like you want to Never Grow Up, make sure to include a purple light up pecker shot glass to add to the fun of growing up and getting married! Throw in a purple lipstick pen and it will be a great end to an Enchanted evening.


Much like Speak Now, the album Red has a signature color as well. Yep, it's Red! Decorate your Bachelorette party with a red bride diamond rhinestone organza chair cover. The Bachelorette must also have a red bride to be sash of course. Maybe you're looking to spice up the night? Think about bringing some red heart shaped glitter pasties or some red panties to the party as a gift for the Bride to Be. Everyone will want to Stay Stay Stay all night long! 


Taylor Swift said in her 1989 song Blank Space, "I got a blank space baby and I'll write your name." With our variety of invitations you'll be able to do just that! Send out these cute and fun bachelorette party invitations and invite all of your closest friends to the Taylor Swift party. Get ready to dance all night long just like Taylor Swift does in her Shake it Off music video with a bunch of colorful party tutus! In her song Clean Taylor mentions a "wine stained dress I can't wear anymore." Luckily, you can avoid staining your party dress and purchase our bridal wine glasses and rosé all day earrings instead!


We're entering our Reputation Era, and are you... Ready For It? It's time for some edgy black decorations. Decorate your party space with black streamers, black satin table runner, and a black fringe curtain to match the Reputation aesthetic. You don't want to find yourself saying, "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" if someone spills a drink. So why not invest in a black table cover, black napkins, and black glitter coasters. You won't be able to see the stain! Finish off this theme by getting some silver party beads for the birthday girl to feel just like Taylor in the Look What You Made Me Do music video!


The Lover album is notorious for it's pink girly vibes so it's essential you have a silver or pink bridal glitter tiara of course. And there's more pink where that came from! Add a pink fringe curtain, fringe pink table skirt, and pink party balloons to further amp up the Lover theme. Take it one step further with our pink jumbo bridal straw and our bachelorette party kit with plates, a banner, and more! You don't want anyone to say, "I Forgot That You Existed" to the main gal of the party so make sure to choose from a variety of our glittery bachelorette and bridal sashes to make sure you stand out!


Decorate your space with our disco ball sipper, plates, and coasters to match Taylor's song Mirrorball in the Folklore album. Folklore has a very woodsy, whimsical feel to it, so take a look at our swirl danglers and hang them from the ceiling to create a feeling that you're wandering through an enchanted forest. We know you'll have to tell your besties, "This is Me Trying" after taking a shot from our variety of fun party shot glasses!


Mimic Taylor's song Coney Island and take a look at our wild bachelorette party games perfect for any birthday celebration. If you want to highlight the song Cowboy Like Me definitely take a look at our Last Hoe Down section with a variety of cowgirl hats, western décor, and more. Is Gold Rush your favorite song on this album? You'll want to include our gold cheers balloon banner, gold party balloons, and plenty of gold bridal headbands. The day will be full of Happiness with how many options you have for the Evermore album.


Meet me at Midnight! Taylor Swift's most recent album Midnights has everything you could want! Our multi- color light up rings are the perfect way to get Bejewled and "make the whole place shimmer" for this fun birthday occasion. Add even more shimmer and sparkles with our gold circle chandelier, and our fabulous diamond cupcake toppers. We also have plenty of star shaped glitter temporary tattoos as well as pink glow necklaces to further match the Midnights theme. 

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