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How to Have an Alcohol-Free Bachelorette Party

June 14, 2023 2 min read

How to have an alcohol free bachelorette party

Perhaps the bride-to-be has a bun in the oven or maybe she just doesn’t want to deal with a massive hangover and embarrassing Facebook photos. Whatever her reason for wanting to have an alcohol-free bachelorette party,there are plenty of ways to make this a fun night without the booze. Here are some tips for having a fun and “dry” bachelorette bash.

Let Guests Know

Most bachelorette party guests expect the bash to have booze. So it’s best to let them know ahead of time so they know what to expect. Open communication will help nip any potentially awkward moments so everyone can focus on having fun.

Create Some Mocktails

You can still have fun with a virgin drink. In case the only booze-less drink you know is the Shirley Temple keep in mind there are many great mocktail recipes available online. Check out our list of proven bachelorette mocktail recipes for a great drink every time!

Pick a Theme

Bachelorette parties without themes are likely to fall back on alcohol as the centerpiece for the evening. Pick a theme like tropical, spa, or western and add lots of Bachelorette Party Supplies and favors so that guests can get into the event without the help of booze.

Play Fun Non-Drinking Games

Even if you’re not drinking you can still have fun playing games. There are lots of drink-free bachelorette games out there.  Try a pin the junk on the hunk game, or a groom quiz - all fun non-drinking game options!

Pick an Activity

Bowling? Paintball? Mini golf? Dance classes? Picking an activity that doesn't require, or even permit alcohol will take a lot of the pressure off.  Consult the Bride and pick an activity that she will love!

We hope you have a great party!

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