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Creating the Most Postable Bachelorette Party

June 16, 2023 2 min read

Creating the Most Postable Bachelorette Party

With each new year comes a plethora of new trends. Making sure you’re on top of it can be tricky and frustrating. But we’ve got your back. 2023 is definitely all about social media, and we don’t see this changing any time soon. In fact, we would bet that social media is going to continue becoming hotter and hotter in the upcoming years with increased technological advances. And, as it turns out, staying on top of this trend isn’t actually all that difficult. While having a Snapchat themed party isn’t exactly what we’re talking about, there are easy ways to keep with the times. In fact, the increased presence and importance of social media will only benefit you and your party. Here’s how to throw the most “postable” bachelorette party (yes, it’s a word).


Photo Booths

Setting up a photo booth, or a designated photo space is a super easy way to create the cutest postable memories. We recommend purchasing a backdrop, that’ll super easily take your pictures to the next level. Add in somecute or funny props and there you go! However, creating a postable party can be a simple as keeping some fun props lying around. Inflatables are agreat option that is not only super on-trend but is going to look amazing in pictures. Don’t forget to make use of your surroundings! For summer parties we love pool pictures!


Polaroids & Disposable Cameras

That’s right, they’re back (& we think cuter than ever)! If you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon. Film photos are so hot right now. There are tons of Polaroid cameras on the market (check out Urban Outfitters or Amazon) right now that make snapping photos super easy. They even sell printed Polaroid film so that your photos come out super fun! A more affordable alternative to purchasing a Polaroid is disposable cameras. Yep, like the ones you can find at your local drugstore. They add such a fun, vintage-y vibe to your photos. Once your photos are developed, you can easily scan them to your computer or phone. Or, most developing places will put your photos on a thumb drive for a small fee. Warning, you’ll have to fight over who gets to post what!


Photo-worthy Bachelorette Party Décor

Make sure you don’t skip out on this step! Ensuring the details of your party are post-worthy will definitely pay off when you see your attendees gushing on social media. Banners and balloons are great ways to jazz up the environment. However, we recommend purchasing stylish plates, cups, and napkins, too. No detail is too small, and you’ll love celebrating in such a cute environment!


Customized Filters and Hashtags

This one doesn’t require any supplies! Encourage your guests to post about your fabulous bachelorette party by creating a custom hashtag that can be used on posts. Here’s a post on how you create yours if you’re stuck. Another idea is to create a personalized Snapchat filter and pay for it to be activated at the time and location of your party! Everyone will be dying to post!

Creating a postable party is a great way to ensure you have tons to look back and reminisce on!

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