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Nauti Bachelorette Party Ideas

June 16, 2023 2 min read

Nauti Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you’re looking for a super fun, laidback, party idea that’s especially great in the warmer summer months – look no further! The Nauti bachelorette party is an idea we’re huge fans of.

How to have a Nautical Theme Bachelorette Party

There are a few different ways to accomplish a Nauti bachelorette party, but the basics are celebrating on a boat! You can hit your local lake in a sportier, speed boat if you’re looking for some adventure, hit the open water in a sailboat for a totally relaxed feel, or cruise around in a yacht or party barge for the perfect mix! We recommend setting sail around sunset and enjoying appetizers and cocktails with a beautiful view. If you’re opting for the sportier ride, consider planning for a mid-day celebration to enjoy the sun!

What you need to know about Nauti Bachelorette Parties

  • Nauti bachelorette parties typically require the renting of a boat (unless your fortunate to have your own or have good connections), so plan ahead
  • Be prepared for liabilities and waivers – listen to the company’s requirements and bring necessary items
  • There’s a wide range of options available, so think about what you want (lakes/rivers/oceans, food/no food, activity/swimming/just cruising, etc.)
  • Cruise/boat rentals can be pricy (depending on your choices!), so think about payment options or ways to minimize costs


Tips for a Nautical Theme bachelorette party

  • Create your perfect playlist, music makes a huge difference here!
  • Plan food and drinks accordingly: will you be needing food and beverages while aboard or do you have plans after?
  • Consider the weather when planning!
  • Dress appropriately for your day, and we recommend dressing in layers since the water cools down significantly as the sun goes down

Nauti bachelorette parties are a great way to celebrate in a totally new and fun way! If you get the opportunity to have or host a Nauti bachelorette party, we definitely recommend you do! Check out our Pinterest board for some Nauti inspo!


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