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Big Bachelorette Party on a Budget? No problem!

June 16, 2023 2 min read

Big bachelorette party on a budget

Recently we got a request for help from the sister of the Bride, who is planning a large bachelorette party.

Our Bachelorette Joan writes:

We’re having a conflict during the preparation for a Bachelorette Party I’m planning. We have all these GREAT ideas and I know it’s going to be exciting. There are 30 plus girls invited, the bride insists that there be a male entertainer, which is NOT a problem… the problem lies in where to hold it. All of our apartments are too small to house such a large event… there aren’t any near male strip clubs (traveling to one is out of the question due to all of our financial situations)… hotel rooms are too small and most have a no party rule… any ideas? Please help!


Steph Storm, The House of Bachelorette Party Expert, writes:

Joan, this is probably a common problem considering most people are on budgets right now. One option you might consider is holding your party in an apartment or condo complex clubhouse. Many times, these can be rented for little or no money by the tenant who lives in the apartment or condo community. These are especially great places to hold events with 20+ people, and usually have amenities like a bar or kitchenette. Many even have spaces both indoors and outdoors which can be nice for parties in the summer months. Just grab some great Bachelorette Party favors and cute bachelorette decorations and you’re set! Here are more ideas for throwing a bachelorette party on a budget.

As far as the stripper goes, depending on your community, this could get pricey. Try the local yellow pages first, as national “entertainers lists” on the Internet usually take a cut of the fee, making it higher to go through these services.

For a more affordable option, a “Stripper Pole Party” can be really FUN and affordable. You can hire a local instructor, who will bring a pole, music and give a lesson. Or for an even more affordable party, you can buy a stripper pole kit, usually for around $120, that comes with a pole, instructional DVD, and supplies. The great thing about buying the pole is that you can give the pole kit to the Bride after the party as an amazing gift! I am certain this will also make the Groom VERY happy!

Best of Luck Joan, I am certain your Bachelorette Party will be a night to remember! Let me know if I can help with anything else.

and BE WILD!

Steph Storm
The House of Bachelorette

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