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Top 10 Classes To Take For Your Bachelorette Party

June 16, 2023 3 min read

Top 10 Classes To Take For Your Bachelorette Party

Your bachelorette party doesn't have to be all about the drinks and dancing: Use the time with your friends to learn a new skill! You'll make memories and have laughs while you all give something new a try. Check to see if one of these classes are available near you:

10. Wine/Cocktail Tasting or Making

Find a local winery, brewery, or distillery and organize a tour and tasting or a class to make cocktails. They'll walk you through how the beverage is made and assist you with the tasting. Or schedule a class and learn to make the Bride's favorite cocktails!  Bride a special Bride cup to hold the Bride's drink and some naughty straws to ramp up the bachelorette party vibe!

9. Cooking or Baking

Attend a cooking class or hire a chef to teach one in your home! Make a full meal, appetizers, or some desserts, and then enjoy your handiwork after. Or take a class where you all learn to bake or decorate naughty cakes!

8. Flower Arranging

Learn how to make beautiful flower arrangements, then use your new skills to make the bridal and wedding party bouquets for the wedding! This class super fun and can pay for itself in Wedding budget savings! Call your local craft store or florist and ask if they have any floral classes or someone available to teach a private class.

7. Sip & Painting

Wine and Canvas classes have been popping up all over the place: They'll provide a drink, a canvas, and an instructor who will walk you through creating a masterpiece. If you're lucky, you may even find a class in your area where you can paint with a live nude (male) model!

6. Jewelry

Check with your local craft or beading store for upcoming jewelry classes, then use the class to make jewelry that everyone can wear to the wedding! This fun class is great for guests of different ages and capabilities, and everyone walks away with a party favor that they made!

5. Exercise

Exercise classes have become so much fun lately. You can dance it out with Zumba, channel your inner ballerina with Barre, or hang in the air with Aerial classes. Find one that excites you, get everyone cute matching sweats, and learn a new exercise! The Bride will really appreciate a good workout before the Wedding!

4. Dancing

Whether it's ballet, tap, tango, hip hop, or belly dancing, everyone will have a great time (and get a workout!) at a dance class. After the class, head out to a dance club and practice your new moves! (Or go all out and choreograph a fun dance for the bridesmaids to do during the wedding!)

3. Sexy

Learn about new sex toys or about how to please your partner with classes taught at local shops or in home parties. These aren't for the faint of heart--leave Grandma at home!

2. Burlesque/Striptease

Get someone to teach you all how to be sexy! These classes will teach you some basic moves in a safe and fun environment. Bonus: the bride will learn a fun dance for the honeymoon! Bring feather boas for every girl--you'll use them during the class, and they make a great bachelorette party favor too!

1. Pole Dancing

It may look sexy, but pole dancing is a great workout for any age or size! You'll have a great time and tone yourself up! You'll want to wear shorts or skirts to get a better grip on the pole.  Take lots of videos and pictures - you will want to remember this fun bachelorette night!

No matter what class you choose, you're going to have a great time while learning a new skill! Enjoy!

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