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The Ultimate Bachelorette Budget Guide

June 14, 2023 2 min read

The Ultimate Bachelorette Budget Guide

There comes a point when it seems like ALL of your best friends are getting married at once. While you want to participate in all of the fun, it can be stressful attempting to figure out how to do so without blowing the bank! Luckily, we've come up with the best Bachelorette Party money-saving tips and we're sharing them with you so that you can be the best host or attendee ever, even if you're running on a tight budget!

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Set Up a Budget

And make sure you discuss it! Before even beginning the planning, find out what everyone in your bachelorette party is comfortable spending. Survey Monkey is a great resource because it allows you to create an anonymous survey to gauge the group's funds!

Stay Local

Taking a stay-cation is a fun and relatively inexpensive idea for a bachelorette party! Spend the day exploring parts of your town you've never seen before and rent an Airbnb or hotel to celebrate in a new environment. Use the money you saved on travel for something extra fun and special!

Look at Coupon Sites

Let a coupon site like Groupon, LivingSocial, or GoldStar guide you to fun activities for 1/2 the price. Need bachelorette party supplies? Check out The House of Bachelorette's Coupon Page! Coupons are a great way to get the most value and best deals on all of your bachelorette party essentials!

Get Creative

You can make your party space look amazing without spending an arm and a leg if you just get a little creative. The House of Bachelorette has over 100 items for $1.00 or less- pick up a banner, streamers, and balloons to really get your place into the party mood (plus score a free gift with your order)! You'll definitely get the most bang for your buck- and all your girlfriends will want to know where you got your supplies from! DIYs are also a great resource. If you're committed to saving money, making your own beverages, snacks, and more is an awesome idea!

Book Early

Make reservations for your location and activities well in advance- don't forget to let them know you're a bachelorette party! Many places will offer free upgrades, free drinks for the bride, or group discounts. Not only this but booking early ensures that you'll score the lowest rates possible- hey, more money for drinks as we always say!

Dress Up

Showing up in coordinated outfits (think boas, sashes, or dressing to theme!) is a great way to get some extra attention (and to score some freebies!). No one will be able to resist handing out rounds of free drinks and other fun things to a group of gals spiritedly celebrating their friend's engagement!

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Stay Home

You can still have a fabulous time without even leaving the house! Instead of spending all of your money on airfare, hotels, and expensive cocktails, pick up some bachelorette decorations, a ton of yummy snacks and drinks! Throw your favorite movies and music on and stay up all night chatting and reminiscing. You'll make some amazing memories for much less money!

Above all, as long as you're surrounding yourself with your best ladies, you'll still have an awesome time!

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