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Bachelorette Pool Party Games

October 14, 2020 2 min read

Bachelorette Pool Party Games

With pool and beach parties more popular than ever, we have developed a list of games the Bride will love!  We expect to see tons of outdoor bachelorette parties! One of our favorites is the classic pool party! It’s a super easy and fun theme that is perfect for the summer. Whether you go tropical, flamingo, palm, or just classic pool party, you’ll want to keep your party entertained. So grab your yummy drinks, bathing suits, and SPF: here are our favorite pool party games for your bachelorette party!

Pool Pong

Beer pong is not just for tables anymore! There are tons of inflatable beer pong tables (that float in the pool) and kits that make this game super easy. However, you can totally DIY it with some floaties and a little creativity.  If you’re not into beer, you can totally opt for a classier game of prosecco pong, or just take shots! Whatever floats your pool pong table ;)

Pool Volleyball

Volleyball is already a classic beach game, so take it a step up and play it from the pool! Though definitely not meeting the regulation standards, pool volleyball is so much fun! The added challenge of water makes it an entirely new game. Inflatable volleyball nets are super inexpensive too!


A game for the daring crew, c-h-i-c-k-e-n works as an ultra-competitive game. A player starts by performing some task, dare, or challenge. The person who follows them must complete the same challenge, or get a letter. If the 2nd person completes the challenge successfully, the 1st person (who initially proposed the challenge) gets a letter. This game is best played one on one, but tournaments work for larger groups!

Glow in the Dark Games

Just because it’s getting dark doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. A super fun way to keep the party going is the drop a few handfuls of glow sticks to the bottom of the pool. Not only does this look super cool, it doubles as a fun game! Break up your party into two teams, assign each team a glow stick color, and go on opposite ends of the pool. This game is relay race-esque, so each member of the team has 30 seconds to swim to the bottom of the pool, collect as many glow sticks as they can of their color, and swim them back to their sides so the next member can go. Any glow sticks not on a team’s side at the end of the 30 seconds do not count. Glow have some fun!

Pool Party Movie

Okay, so technically not a game, but still definitely just as fun. Save this one for the end of the day (when it begins to get dark), so you’ll be ready for some relaxation. Project a movie outside using an inexpensive projector and a bed sheet or screen. Hangout on floaties and watch from the pool! So Relaxing and fun!  Here are our top 10 bachelorette party movies.

Need more ideas? Check out these Bachelorette Party Game ideas, you'll find the best bachelorette games that everyone in your group will love!

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