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101 Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

October 25, 2023 36 min read

101 Bachelorette Game Ideas

The key to an unforgettable bachelorette party is choosing the right game! We've rounded up 101 of the most popular bachelorette party games, pick one or two of the below bachelorette games and you're sure to have an epic night.

1. Bride to Be Picture It

Perfect for the at-home hostess, this Bride To Be Picture It Party Game will make lasting and fun memories with your friends and bachelorette party-goers with this (clean) bachelorette party game! One person takes a card, and is tasked with helping their teammates guess the word on the card using only drawings--- no speaking or physical gestures allowed! While the theme of this bachelorette game is pretty tame, don’t be afraid to get a little naughty with your drawings if you’re feeling bold! Great for the artistic bride, this game will make for a memorable bachelorette night!

2. Noodle Jousting

For a pool party, Noodle Jousting can be for just the bachelorettes or for a righteous co-ed party! In teams of two, put the “riders” on inflatable rafts, and their teammates are tasked with pushing them towards each other. The goal: knock the other rider from their mount! A silly take on a medieval classic, take it a step further and ride on the back of another party goer to up the level of challenge! For a less combative take, another variation is to hang plastic rings at various points around the edge of the pool. Whoever gets them all on their “joust”, wins!

3. Who is the biggest slut? bachelorette game

Laughter and exposé, who could ask for more? Get your bachelorette party started with a roll of the dice and find out Who is the biggest slut? with this bachelorette party game! It doesn't matter if you're the bride-to-be or one of the bridesmaids, this dirty bachelorette game will have everyone in your party laughing out loud with risqué questions and even better answers! Discover more about your closest compadres and help them get to know each other, too! Take turns rolling the dice and answering questions until you can crown the Biggest Slut (perhaps with one of our tiaras!) at the end of the night!

4. Shot through the Heart!

For the bride who is just head over heels for her groom, this romantic game is fun and competitive! Hang at various heights and distances a few hearts shaped targets with different point values. Then, using whatever “gun” you happen to have (I recommend the Pecker Water Guns if your bride is a little naughty), shoot the targets! Set extra challenges like time limits or turn the targets into unlikeable exes or annoying celebrities!

5. Did you Ever? vs. Would you Ever?

For the bold bride and her posse, consider Did you Ever? vs. Would you Ever? as your perfect bachelorette party game. This game will get the juicy dirt on your friends and partygoers as they reveal their naughty little secrets! Players spin the spinner and answer a question off of one of the eighty different cards. Warning: For wild bachelorettes only! To up the ante, feel free to turn this awesome game into a prize-winning competition, using things like a Mojito Pecker Sucker or other candy as motivation to win! This game will make for an unforgettable night as you learn a little more about your closest friends!

6. Who Am I?

This simple game is a hilarious way to try and guess how the world sees a character or person of history. Each person has the name of a famous person, fictional character, or other item as theme dictates (E.G.,types of donuts for a donut-themed party) taped to their forehead. They are allowed to ask 20 yes or no questions before they must guess at the person or thing that is on their forehead! A funny, simple way to spend time with friends. Award drinks or prizes for the quickest to guess!


7. Pin the Pistol on the Cowboy

Dizzy with wedding planning? Pin the Pistol on the Cowboy is a game meant to help you reorient yourself by reaching for the important things in life! Pick one of two men to help equip for a hard day of work, and your weapon of choice--- bullets or pistols--- before being blindfolded and spun. The objective is to place your sticker as close to the stud’s package! The winner gets to take home the poster to admire their marksmanship!

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8. Bachelorette Party Mugshots

Are you daring, devious, and unafraid to show the world your bold side? Bachelorette Party Mugshots is a game centered around completing tasks written on cards and taking photos as proof of your determination to be the baddest bridesmaid in the party! This is a perfect game for an at-home party, providing plenty of pictures for whenever the crew would like to relive their amazing night of celebrating one of their friends, as well as some cheeky blackmail material. A phone with a camera is a must for this game and props for pictures are strongly encouraged!


9. Bachelorette Tie Dye Bonanza!

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, so it only makes sense to give those who are celebrating her a chance to take home something as bright, beautiful, and unique as she is! Pick up a dying kit at any local craft store, as well as the appropriate number of white, 100% cotton shirts, shoes, or other items, depending on budgets. A great way to get every member of the party involved and have both wonderful memories and a token of the time you spent together.

10. Boobs & Boners

A competitive, fast-paced game, Boobs & Boners is a hilarious way to get your party swinging, and helps lighten the mood almost instantly. After the deck has been dispersed to all players, every player flips their card, which is decorated with boobs, boners, or butts. If your card matches with another player’s, yell out the matched picture and gain the other players’ cards! The winner of each round can then delegate drinking assignments, truths, or dares depending on what the cards dictate. A great bachelorette game for raunchy parties and a memorable night for everyone!

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11. Bachelorette M.A.S.H.

Chances are many of you remember a little pen and paper game called “M.A.S.H.” from elementary and middle school…If not, allows us to introduce you! M.A.S.H. is a “future predicting” game that “tells” you things like who you’ll marry, how many kids you’ll have, and of course, where you’ll live (M.A.S.H. stands for mansion, apartment, shack, and house). However, we’ve have totally revamped this classic game and its back and better than ever! Meet bachelorette party M.A.S.H.! Simply print out enough copies for your entire party, and keep this super fun and easy game on hand to play whenever the party needs a little boost! It only requires a pen, so it’s great for anywhere and anytime.

12. Bachelorette Dares Sheets

Want to ensure that the Bachelorette doesn’t have a dull moment during her big night out? Rest assured, this list of dares has got you covered! Help your bold bride-to-be make a commotion she’s worthy of by getting the whole club involved in celebrating her coming big day. A great way to break the ice and work together to make sure the night is one for the history books! Completing the list of daring tasks will prove that this bachelorette is the boldest (and has the best friends)!

13. Bridal Paintball

For the bride-to-be (and possibly her groom, if co-ed is desired), going to the paintball range can be a perfect way to work off some of that pre-wedding stress, and have a great time with the people she loves! To make it an extra special event, make sure that everyone dresses in white--- dresses and suits from the thrift store, if you’re feeling really bold, or some Team Bride and Team Groom t-shirts! The paint-splattered clothes make an amazing trophy, and it’s easy to award points to whoever is the least covered in paint! Make sure to plan a meal for making the truce over afterward!

14. Emoji Guess the Phrase

Looking for a fun game that you can play with anyone, including your grandma and your middle-school niece? Take a card and try your hand at guessing what the emojis mean, translating from smiley faces to bridal- and wedding-themed phrases! Emoji Guess the Phrase bachelorette game is a great way to include all age-groups at your bachelorette party, this game is a fantastic way to bring people together! Break into teams or offer prizes to incite even more competition, such as our Rhinestone Pecker Bottle Cooler!

15. Bra Pong

While this game requires a bit of prep, the DIY bachelorette party-planner should have no problem making this funny, competitive game a reality for the bride-to-be. Either purchase several cheap bras in different sizes from your local off-price department store or check in with the guests to see if they have any molded-cup bras to donate to the cause! Mount the bras to a piece of sturdy cardboard, wood, or cork board (decorated as much or as little as you please!), using double-sided tape to secure the bottoms of the cups to the surface. Place it at the end of a table and let the ping pong balls fly! Turn it into a competition by adding point values to each of the cups!

16. Bachelorette’s Bar Challenge Game

Honoring the bride-to-be with one last night of fun? The Bachelorette’s Bar Challenge is a great game that helps celebrate singledom one last time with a variety of wild tasks, all for the bachelorette to complete! This fun game encourages her to really live it up, connecting with strangers and friends alike as she completes her tasks. Once victorious, the bachelorette gets to assign shots to her friends who participated in the game! A fantastic dare-based game best suited to the bold bride-to-be!

17. Collage Man

Want to have some unique mementos from your bachelorette’s last big night out? This fun game is a hilarious way to see what kind of man friends would think their bachelorette would end up with! Round up several magazines which feature pictures of attractive men, get some scissors, and a little bit of glue and you’ll be ready for Collage Man. The challenge calls for each player to cut out pieces of the men and glue them together until they’ve created the perfect man for the bride! Let the bachelorette pick her favorite and be sure to award the winner with a Bachelorette Party Necklace!

18. Bachelorette Dares Checkbook

Taking your dear friend drinking sounds like a great time, but once in a while it can be satisfying to see her work for it! With the Bachelorette Dares Checkbook, the celebrated lady is given a book of checks, each of which has an assigned task. Once completed, the bride-to-be can bring the check to one of her bridesmaids, who will in turn buy her the fun drink written on the check. A fun, flirty way to add a bit of risqué humor into a great night! Do you dare to cash this check? Best for our boldest bachelorettes!

19. The Gamer Bride

For those bachelorettes out there who like to strut their stuff in the virtual world, this one's for you! Party games are abundant in both computer and console gaming, and many older gaming systems are very affordable on Craigslist and other swapping websites. For making an awesome bachelorette party for the gamer girl in your life, simply search for recommendations based on whatever platform you have available! Some suggested games are WarioWare: Smooth Moves, You Don’t Know Jack, and Rock Band, all of which encompass either competition or cooperation, depending on how you want to play!

20. Marry, F@*cK, Kill

A great game to play at the end of the night, go around the group and ask everyone who they would Marry, F@*ck or kill.  Vote for the best answers at the end of the night and be ready to tell the great stories that will come with this fun and easy game!

21. What’s in Your Phone?

With two versions of this game, it would be a shame to skip it! This quiz game is sure to reveal things about your friends’ and family’s cell phone habits that are guaranteed to make you laugh! One version is a little more friendly to a larger group, so that it can be played at a bridal shower or with a bachelorette party. The second version is better for a smaller group, including challenges like texting people for prompt responses and how many exes are still in their phone. Both are fun and have unique questions! Pick your favorite or do both!

22. Drink & Dare Bachelorette Bingo

A new spin on a classic game, Drink & Dare Bachelorette Bingo turns up the naughty level for the bride-to-be and her friends! Laughter is sure to fill the air with the hilarious dares, including "Get a guy to dance naughty for you", "Dance on the bar stool or the table" or "Fake a very vocal orgasm out loud". Be sure to grab a couple of prizes for winners, like a Mojito Pecker Sucker! “I Dare You” or “I Double Dare You” cards are drawn one by one, each with a task that the drawer must attempt. As each dare is completed, players can mark their Bingo cards, until a winner emerges!

23. Bedazzle the Bride

A perfect game for the crafty bride-to-be! Head to your local thrift shop and purchase a white dress for the bride, before hitting up the craft store for things like bows, rhinestones, buttons, and other decorations. For the night of the party, give every bachelorette a chance to decorate for around ten minutes, before the lady of the evening dons her newly made dress! Be sure to get some embarrassing photos, and if your bachelorette is a really bold woman, see if she’ll go out to the bar in her lovely new threads!

24. Flip, Sip Truth or Dare

Looking for a game that will bring together your entire party, old friends and new? Flip, Sip Truth or Dare is a fabulous way to break the ice for your friends as well as have a roaring good time! A game of chance, players must call “Truth” or “Dare” as the included coin is flipped into the air. If they call the coin incorrectly, they must draw a card that reflects the right answer on the coin. They can also opt out of taking a card, instead taking a drink for some tipsy fun! Laughter and great memories are sure to fill the evening, as you celebrate the soon-to-be hitched lady of the night!

25. Dicky Stickies

With a bright pink pecker as a checklist, Dicky Stickies promises to bring out the best (and the dirtiest) of your I Do Crew. Whatever public venue you decide to host your bachelorette party at, this game is sure to fill the night with raucous laughter and unforgettable moments. Each player is given a checklist and must complete 16 daring tasks to rise to the top of the pack. Great for friendly competition and a way to get to know how far your friends will go to win!

26. Song Battle

For the competitive couple, Song Battle is the perfect game! Pit Team Bride and Team Groom against each other (preferably with t-shirts for each team!) in this musical clash of besties, buddies, and friends. Come up with marriage themed words, write them on a slip of paper, and have one player from a team select a word. Each team must come up with a song that contains the word, going back and forth until neither team can think of an appropriate song. The winner of each round is the last one to respond with a song!

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27. Where’s Dildo?

Want to have an easy-to-host scavenger hunt, complete with a silly mascot? Take your red-and-white wrapped pecker card and pose it in a variety of scenes in order to dominate in a game of clever tactics, resourceful searching, and a little bit of technology to help - its the Where's Dildo Bachelorette Game!! Players split into two teams and compete to take photos of their respective card in a variety of hilarious situations! The “deck” includes 6 different pairs of cards, meaning that the game can be played again and again with no repeats! Great for the crowd on the move, especially during pub crawls or nights on the town!

28. Butts, Abs, or Pecker!

A game best researched in a private browser, Butts, Abs, or Pecker! is a bachelorette game geared towards the wild bride-to-be! Print or display various cropped photos of any of the three body parts and have your party guests take a stab at which part they’re seeing, before showing off the full-sized hunk behind the bit you’re showing. If you’ve got a co-ed party, add in some female models for some extra challenge! Make sure to keep track of the points, and award the winner a Pecker Candy Necklace to enjoy throughout the evening.

29. Adult Mad Libs

A clever adult throwback to a favorite word game, Adult Mad Libs invites participants to suggest words, like nouns, verbs, and adjectives to fill in the blanks of an already-written story. Once all the spaces have been filled, get ready to giggle and gasp as the tale unfolds, unique to every party! A great way to get to know how your fellow partygoers think, Adult Mad Libs is a convenient way to warm everyone up on the way to a night of fun, or a great way to break the ice! A top pick for a fun, easy-to-take-along game that would fit easily in most purses!

30. Photo Scavenger Hunt

With just a camera phone and a list of items needed, Photo Scavenger Hunt is a game that can be as complex or as simple as the person making it chooses! Pick a traditional list of wedding-themed pictures to be snapped, like something old/new/borrowed/blue, or go for more personal lists, like a man who looks like the groom, someone wearing wedding colors, or a ring similar to the brides. The possibilities are endless and are sure to create lasting memories and friendships as the night goes on!

31. Drink if...

Let's get tipsy, y'all! Grab these Drink If... cards, shuffle and lay them out in front of your friends. Fill one cup up with your favorite drink, if you like something more fun, take a peek at these cocktail recipes. Also have a shot ready! If it applies to you do as the game says, DRINK! Make sure to have a cup of water and drink responsibly. 

32. Movie Drinking Game

This bachelorette party game can be played with any movie! Pick your favorite rom-com, horror, action, or check out our list of favorite bachelorette flicks for this amazing game! Position a hat on the corner of the television or tape a paper mustache (or 3) to the screen. Anytime someone “wears” one of the items, take a drink! A fun icebreaker great for intimate groups or big shindigs, make sure to have plenty of cocktails on hand for the best bachelorette party!

33. Bachelorette Party Exposed!

What’s the best way to have a great night out with the girls and make certain that there’s plenty of photos to document the fun? Bachelorette Party Exposed! is the best of both worlds, with 101 tasks to keep the fun and laughter rolling all night long! After drawing a card from each of the 5 enticing categories, players use their camera phones to take pictures of the task being completed. Race to finish all the tasks to win bragging rights and give the bachelorette the best pictures! Remember to post your funniest pictures at #PartyExposed!

34. Donut Ring Toss

For the DIY party planner, this Donut Ring Toss game is the way to go! Using a bottle or a stake in the ground, toss Styrofoam rings painted like donuts over the peg for some competitive fun! Up the challenge by adding things like distance or obstacles, or offer prizes to the person who is able to get the most donuts on the stake! If you don’t have time to paint your own donuts, pick up some inflatable donuts instead! This game is perfect for donut themed bachelorette parties, and it’s fun way to spend some time in the sun with friends!

35. He Said She Said Game

Having a co-ed, soon-to-be-hitched party with both of the betrothed? He Said, She Said is a card version of the Newlywed Game and is a great way to quiz couples on how much they know about each other. You can be certain there will be moments of laughter, embarrassment, and sweet reminders of what brought everyone together in the first place. A great way to celebrate the couple who does everything together and the friends who aim to help them have the best possible celebration of their love!

36. Bride to Be I.O.U. Dare Game

For the Vegas bride, the Bride to Be I.O.U. Dare Game makes it easy to bring the casino to you with pull-tab dare cards! Test your luck and try to complete the dares, as the bride decides, either each person tackling a dare individually, or everyone getting an even number of cards at the beginning of the night and racing to the finish! Be ready for dares as mild as collecting men’s business cards to the wilder task of getting them to sign one of your body parts! A silly, fun way to spend the bachelorette’s last big night out while providing tons of laughs!

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37. Combination Husband

For the creative group, Combination Husband is a hilarious way to try and guess what the bride would most want in her partner for life. Task each player with drawing a head and neck at the very top of a half-sheet of paper. Then, fold or cover the head except for the very end lines of the neck before passing it to the person next to you, and they continue the drawing until the last player draws the feet! The bride-to-be then gets to pick her favorite combo! A funny game great for all ages, and all you need is pencils and paper!

38. Put a Ring On It

Looking for a classic game that’s competitive, fun, and good for any group? The search is over! Put a Ring On It is a game that helps create new friends and playful rivalries as guests compete to win the most rings at the end of the party. The objective is to avoid saying the words “bride” and “dress”. If you catch one of your fellow partiers slipping up, you get to take their ring!

39. Celeb Couple Quiz

Is the bride-to-be one of those ladies who is always in the know about the latest celebrity gossip? Put her and her friends’ skills to the test with this Celeb Couple Quiz! Working either solo or in teams, try to match these stars with their better halves before 5 minutes is up. A great icebreaker and fun for anyone, this game would be fantastic for any party. Quick and easy for those needing a last-minute activity!

40. What's in Your Purse?

If you need a great, simple icebreaker that would be great for any mixed group, the What's in Your Purse is a fantastic choice. Some say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but it truly is the purse! The person with the most things in their purse win! Great for guests of all ages!

41. Treasure Hunt

Requiring a little preparation, this game can be a great way to keep your party-goers occupied for the whole evening! Give them a map to visit important locations to the bride, with riddles at each location that tell them where to go next. When players reach the final location, they can find a special prize--- like a Wedding Ring Shot Glass---- where the celebration can really get started! A great way to build friendships and make amazing memories for all to treasure!

42. How Well do you Know the Bride/Bachelorette?

A perfect game for bachelorette parties including guests of all ages, How Well do You Know the Bride/Bachelorette is a fun way to show how well you know your lady of honor! Answer trivia about the bride-to-be, her wedding, and some of her favorite things! Get ready for surprising answers and memorable stories as guests compete to determine who knows the most about the bachelorette and her upcoming nuptials!

43. Sculpt the Cucumber

Before the drinks start flowing too freely, try this hysterical game for that wild bride-to-be in your life! An easy, low-cost game to prepare for, all you need are a cucumber and a knife or vegetable peeler for each contestant. Have the bride leave the room so that she can judge fairly! Within a certain time limit, each party-goer must shape their cuke into a pecker! Be sure to vote on the most anatomically correct, the best looking, and the scariest one to stumble across in an intimate encounter! Be sure to award winners of each category with a Pink Pecker Shooter Glass!

44. Pin the Hose on the Fireman

Add a naughty flare to your bachelorette party with this sexy spin on a classic game! Pin the hose of the fireman lets you select the heroic hunk of your choice on the two-sided poster, your favorite hose, and let the games begin! Spin each contender around with a blindfold and nudge them in the right direction to equip him with a hose to put out your fire. The hose closest to the fireman’s “equipment” wins! This game promises outrageous fun, and the winner gets to take home the poster!

45. Bachelorette Pictionary

Need a game that only takes a few pieces of paper and a hat? Bachelorette Pictionary is a hilarious drawing game that a creative bride is sure to love! Create a list of wedding-themed words, all designated in categories of “Act” or “Draw”. Players must act or draw out the words without letters or speaking, and get their team to guess the correct word in under 1 minute. If they are unable to, the opposing team has a chance to steal by succeeding at the guess!

46. Pin the Junk on the Hunk

An adult version of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Pin the Junk on the Hunk has the party attendees aiming to equip this stud with their favorite pecker cut out! After being blindfolded and spun, try to get yours as close to the target as possible! Whoever manages to get their piece as close to life as possible wins! Be sure to stock up on great prizes to help bring out that competitive edge that we all love in friends. Great for a memorable, laugh-filled evening!

47. Camera Hot Potato

A modern twist on a classic game, make sure to use someone’s camera phone that has a protective case or play on soft carpeting! The objective of the game is not to be caught in the picture frame when the camera’s self-timer finally runs out. Players pass the camera in a circle and must point the camera at themselves for 1 second before passing it to the next player! Hilarious pictures are sure to follow, and it will be impossible to stop laughing at the frantic attempts to avoid the selfie!

48. Girls Night Out Bridal Party Battle

Is the woman you’re celebrating the type that just can’t say no to a challenge? Is everything a race, a game, a competition? Then oh boy do we have the perfect game for you! 36 head-to-head challenges await inside the Bridal Party Battle gamedeck of cards, which are categorized into Fueled, Funny, and Flirty to match all of your party guests’ personalities. Two players enter the challenge and emerge victorious with a “badge” touting their victory. The player with the most stickers at the end of the night wins! This travel-sized box of fun also includes ten name tags for all of the ladies, even the mother of the groom and bride!

49. Flat Bride

No matter what the venue, Flat Bride is a fabulous way to bring together your most important friends! Cut out a picture or a drawing of the bride and let the games begin! With just a camera phone, snap pictures of the cut-out in suggestive situations, precarious predicaments, or a silly scene. A great way to preserve memories for the bride-to-be and her friends, be sure to send her the pictures after the party is over. The winner gets bragging rights for the best photo!

50. Scratch a Dare

Leave your night up to luck and chance with this unique, daring scratch a dare game for the bold bachelorette party! Scratch off three pairs of lips, revealing the “Who”, “What”, and “Where” of your dare, and prepare to make moments and share laughs as the night begins! The bride-to-be distributes cards to all of her party-goers to begin the fun. Make it a race to the finish by rewarding those who finish their dares the most quickly with a prize or a fun cocktail!

51. Streamer Wedding Dress

While the wedding dress is traditionally white, the bachelorette’s dress can be any color she likes! Break your bachelorette party into teams for this gut-busting competition, and assign them a few rolls of streamers and tissue paper in the bride’s wedding colors. Each team must create a wedding dress from the materials provided within a 20 minute time limit! Have the bride-to-be hang out in a nearby room, or have her in on the action! Vote for the best after hosting a streamer fashion show!

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52. Pecker Ring Toss

Test your aim with this sizeable Pecker Ring Toss game. Simply take the colored rings, if they're good enough, your bride-to-be will get more than just a ring on her finger! You can make it a challenge, like in order to get a drink each bachelorette has to get a ring on the pecker! 

53. Wedding Olympics

Hosting a co-ed party is easy with Wedding Olympics! Break the group up into teams, like Team Bride and Team Groom, and compete for bragging rights (and maybe dinner) through a series of fun, competitive events! Competitions can range from athletic (volleyball, baseball, races) to hilarious (rap battles, dance-offs, and karaoke) depending on your bride and groom’s preferences. The most important part is to have fun until the winner emerges! At the end of the day, conduct an awards ceremony to commemorate the champions of the day, before the losers buy the winners drinks at their favorite bar!

54. Willy Says Game

For the wild bachelorette and her faithful companions, don’t pass up the Willy Says Game! Full of daring tasks and silly acts, be certain to have your camera ready to capture the best moments of the night! Best for a night out on the town, the pecker-shaped cards will fit well into a purse to be brought out whenever the party reaches any of its destinations. Reward those who succeed or overachieve with a drink or a necklace of Hot Pink Beads, with the winner being the most blitzed or blinged out lady of the night!

55. Getting to Know the Bachelorette Party

As the bride-to-be has traveled through life, it’s easy to believe she has made many very important friendships along the way. This bachelorette party icebreaker is a perfect way to introduce old friends and new! Simply print one per each guest, and take turns introducing yourself and how you met your bachelorette. A perfect way to spend a limo ride, it’ll be easy to become fast friends with such an important person to celebrate!

56. Wipe Off Bachelorette Dare Checklist

Want a quick, easy way to inject a lot of fun into the bachelorette party, but not break the bank? This checklist is a fantastic way to start a tradition among friends, where the bachelorette enjoys her Last Night Out by trying to complete all of the 8 tasks before the evening is over! Great for your wild bride, this game is sure to be a hit with silly challenges like pranking the groom and doing body shots! Bring your friends closer with every task as you celebrate singledom one more time before the big day!

57. Junk in the Trunk

A game for staying in or going out (if your bachelorette is bold), this one is sure to get a lot of laughs! Each player takes turn wearing the “trunk”, a tissue box tied to their waist, and grooves to a song of their choice! The other players in the bachelorette party must then attempt to throw ping pong balls into the box, anticipating their dancer’s sick moves! Use balls of different colors and keep track of who gets the most in! Winner gets free drinks for the night, if you’ve decided to take your party out, or maybe a Bride Squad shot glass instead!

58. Wanted: Drunken Debauchery

Looking for a party game that’s guaranteed to get you “bucked up”? A perfect game for a Western-themed bachelorette party, wanted drunken debauchery dice game will make you get a little wild with your besties and learn just how far they’ll go to win! Every player rolls their dice individually, and starting with the bachelorette, completes the task displayed on the dice! A perfect ice-breaker, and easy to pair up with one of our Truth or Dare games; for the “perform a ridiculous action” part of this dice game.

59. Candy Bouquet

Bachelorettes with a sweet tooth will love this game! With some preparation, this game is relatively easy and fun, and gives everyone something to take home as a favor! Using foam spheres, bamboo skewers, tape, and a few bags of the bride-to-be’s favorite candies, this game is sure to be a good time for any bachelorette party! Each person is tasked with creating the prettiest bouquet out of the materials listed, to be judged by the bride. To make this a little naughtier, feel free to throw a few Pecker Pops into the mix of candy! Be sure to take pictures and vote on the best bouquets!

60. Donut Party Twister Game

Everyone loves a sweet treat and having fun, so with the Donut Party Twister Game, why not have both? One player spins the wheel to determine what body part to put on which donut! Keep your body from touching the mat as you and your fellow party-goers try to outlast one another and see how flexible you can be. Reward the winners with a gourmet donut of their choice! If you’re looking to up the ante and provide more adult fun, create sweet-treat cocktails to give to the losers before they enter the ring again and give the last person standing a Donut Coin Purse! Great for the bride with a sweet tooth!

61. Bachelorette Prosecco Pong

A classic college party game turned bachelorette party game! Break into teams of one or two people and get ready to rumble! Using a long table (8 feet long is “regulation" size, but we won’t tell if you don’t!), set up six cups in a triangle shape on each end of the table, pointing towards each other. While traditionally the cups are filled one fourth to halfway with the alcoholic beverage of choice, water is preferable if you are not into sharing germs or potentially getting a dirty ping pong ball in your glass. Each team takes turns trying to bounce ping pong balls into the cups, and for every ball that lands in a cup on your side of the table, you must take a drink! Add in a bride cup for bonus points (the team whose cup it is must take a shot of hard liquor instead when the ball lands in the Bride cup!) Face off until only one team is standing!

62. Inflatable Hunk Ring Toss

Include some challenge in your bachelorette party games with this Inflatable Hunk Ring Toss! Compete to get the most rings around this stud’s muscular arms or, for extra points, around his neck! The set-up is simple: fill the hunk’s base with water, then inflate him and the rings for hours of silly fun! Lightweight and portable, this guy is ready to go wherever the party is. Reward winners with prizes or bragging rights!

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63. Cold Feet

Here’s a simple bachelorette game meant to make everyone laugh and see just how dexterous your guests can be! All that you’ll need are some tubs or buckets, ice, water, and some toy rings! Fill the containers with cold water and ice, and toss the rings into the bottom. Give each contestant 30 seconds, using only their feet and toes, to retrieve as many rings as possible before the time runs out! Be sure to have some towels at the ready for this silly game, and maybe some warm socks as party favors!

64. Mermaid Party Game

Not every bachelorette party game has to be naughty! Recall a simpler time with your mermaid bride-to-be with this sweet Mermaid Party Game, a reskinned version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. A whimsical take on a classic, this game is sure to be a hit with all partygoers of all ages and would be a great choice for a shy bride. Included are 14 seahorse stickers, a paper blindfold, and the poster of a beautiful mermaid!

65. Sexy Sculpture Showdown (Mold Your Man)

For the creative bachelorette who has everything, consider this fantastically funny party game! Using clay, Play-Dough, or even gingerbread cookie dough, task your party goers with building the bride-to-be’s perfect man! Be careful to keep her prying eyes away--- she has to judge who got the closest to her ideal hunk at the end of 15 minutes! Award the winner with a Pecker Stress Reliever to help with those tired hands afterwards! Use air-dry clay in order to preserve your hilarious models for years to come.

66. Game Coasters

Everyone's sitting around the table, drinks ready for them on coasters. They lift them up and there is a prompt on them! Is it a Truth or a Dare? Get to know your friends even better with these Truth or Dare Game Coasters. Truth: You'll have a blast!

67. Sweet Tooth

A bachelorette with skills in the kitchen will love this fun party activity! Use your favorite cookie recipe for sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies and our Pecker Cookie Cutter to make a large batch of cookies. Either buy or make icing in various colors and set your party guests to decorating their cookies! Award points for most anatomically correct, most creative, and the funniest peckers that emerge from this deliciously fun game! Award the winner with the cookie cutter or any other great prize!

68. Mr. Wrong Party Game

We all have that ex that we know we absolutely should have lost a little sooner. Now with the Mr. Wrong Party Game, try to find him again! A scavenger hunt for men with issues, the bachelorette party quests to find men who meet the requirements on their unique cards. Distribute them evenly to each person, teams, or give each player a card every time they complete a previous task--- the party-goer with the most at the end of the night wins! A unique game for a night jam-packed with fun!

69. Weenie in a Bottle

Does laughter, bad puns, and competition sound like your cup of tea? Weenie in a Bottle fulfills all of these things! Players have a string tied around their waist, with a hot dog tied to the end which hangs between their legs, at about knee level. The objective is to lower their strung-up sausage into a narrow-mouthed bottle, which should be large enough to fit the wiener but not too large to make it too easy. The first person to get their dangling dog into the bottle wins!

70. Naughty Reading Time

Want to see how red-faced you can leave your bachelorette party guests while getting in some literature? This game is a perfect one for those bookworm bachelorettes! Look up passages from the Worst Sex Writing of the Year Champions, print them out, and let the laughs begin! Have each person read two paragraphs at a time! If you laugh, you lose! The best poker face wins, and everyone is enriched by this side-shaking game for the literature geek bride-to-be in your life!

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71. Bedroom Advice Fill-in-the-Blank

Let's get naughty! (Whew!) Make sure to take a deep breath on this one- Simply fill out this Bedroom Advice for the Bride-to-be for a plethora of laughter in this lib style game! The more nonsensical the better... or maybe if it makes sense you'll get a report after the honeymoon...!

72. Spin the Bottle Drinking Game

A fun spin on a game we all can remember from high school, this spin the bottle game brings it to the next level, without the kissing (unless you’re dared to!) Best to play with a drink in hand, each player must spin the bottle and do as instructed depending on where the bottle points. From embarrassing acts to revealing questions, this is a fantastic game with the notoriously playful crowd! Pair it up with one of our truth and dare games to take the pressure off of deciding what debauchery to get your partygoers up to!

73. Bride’s Favorite Scavenger Hunt

Tight on time and need a great game for the bachelorette party? This Bride’s Favorite Scavenger Hunt tasks party goers with collecting items for the bride! From drinks to pictures, the winner will have collected the most things for the bachelorette and will be crowned the winner. Team up with old friends or new to make the night memorable for everyone!

74. Pin the Kiss on the Celebrity!

For bachelorettes with a celebrity crush and a party planner with a little bit of creativity and time, this is a fun twist on a classic game. Print or purchase a large poster of the bride-to-be’s favorite hunk as well as several “kisses” or lips. Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, blindfold and spin your guests to see where their lips land! The winner is the person who gets their smooch closest to the celebrity’s lips (or wherever else the bride might dictate)!

75. Mad-Libs: Bedroom Advice for the Bride to Be

Remember how funny Mad-Libs were as a kid, even without dirty words? Now try this version as the bachelorette party gives the best possible advice for bedroom activities to the bride to be! Free to print from our website, this is a great option for parties on the move or an icebreaker when staying closer to home. This game is sure to have everyone in stitches as the bride reads out the unique story her friends have helped her make!

76. Sex Mate Card Game

You know you've grown up when the last time you played a matching card game was with colors or characters and now in your adulthood it's with these Sex Mate Cards. Set your cards up flat on a table, all faced down and flip 2 at a time! If you get a match, take the cards and keep going until there is none left. The person with the most matching sex-position cards wins! Play for a prize!

77. The Groom Quiz

For a bachelorette party celebrating the lovely couple, the Groom Quiz is a perfect way to bring both the groom and the bride into the mix. In private, have the groom answer the questions on the printed sheet. Then, have the bride answer the questions to the best of her ability. A great way to see how well the couple knows one another, and some playful on-the-spot questions that are sure to get a couple of laughs!

Bachelorette Sashes

78.  Bachelorette Party Agreement

While not exactly a game, the Bachelorette Party Agreement helps ensure that all party-goers (especially the bachelorette) have a safe, sane, and great time with their closest friends. Even with the wildest bachelorette games and naughtiest moments, be sure to have each other’s backs! A fun keepsake to commemorate the night and remember why everyone came together--- to support and celebrate the bride to be!

79. Hottie Rating Cards

Want to spend a night ogling handsome hunks with the girls? With Hottie Rating Cards in hand, be sure to let the guys know exactly what you think of them! A fun way to spend a night at a male revue or out on the town, be sure to bring these along for a memorable night out or an evening watching models on the screen. Take the fun to the next level by trying to match the bride’s score--- the winner either matches her number or is the closest!

80. Bachelorette Lipstick Challenge

Want to get a little creative and get rid of some old lipstick (or other makeup)? Whether you’re out on the town or at home, come up with the most creative way to use your cosmetics for comedy and daring deeds! Try to get a signature on your booty with a bold red lipstick, or maybe make over the local hunk at the bar! The possibilities are endless, and the winner should be selected by popular vote or the bride! Photo evidence is a must, so please bring your camera-equipped phones!

81. Hunt for the Hottest Man

Grab your camera phone and be on the lookout! With the Hunt for the Hottest Man, the bachelorette party is tasked with searching out the most attractive man of the evening. At the end of the night, the bride will get to sort through all of the hunks and pick the most model-worthy one! The winner gets bragging rights for knowing the bride-to-be’s taste. Hunt for the Hottest Man is a fun way to spend an evening with the ladies!

82. Pin the Macho on the Man

Looking into the eyes of this sultry hunk, how could anyone resist wanting to put a hilarious pecker on him? In the Pin the Macho on the Man game, each bachelorette chooses an appropriate unit that best suits her personality before being blindfolded and spun to re-equip this stud! The player with closest placement wins not only bragging rights, but the right to take home the hilarious poster! A hilarious way to break the ice and create a ton of laughs!

83. Buzzfeed Quizzes

Want to spice up the evening and need a quick, free bachelorette party game that doesn’t require any downloads? Buzzfeed Quizzes are a fantastic way to get to know the Bride’s Posse! Make predictions before beginning the quizzes, and keep your friends honest as they answer the questions out loud! Just go to Buzzfeed.com and check out their quizzes page for the hottest tests, or search for themes like “wedding”, “sex”, or “relationships” for more on-theme laughs and stories. Perfect for a low-key evening!

84. Bachelorette Bingo

Make certain that the bride is the center of attention all through her Last Night Out with Bachelorette Bingo! Players must carefully listen to their celebrated friend throughout the party, and mark off key words like “limo”, “ring”, and “groom”. But be careful--- asking leading questions is sure to get you the stink eye from your more competitive friends! Alternatively, have all of the possible words printed and placed into a bowl/hat/jar, and call it out for a more traditional version of bingo! Also, be sure to print out our Printable Bachelorette Party Bingo game!

85. Donut on a String

Want to make dessert a little more competitive for your sweet bachelorette during her big celebration? This simple game requires just string, donuts, and a place to hang them (tension rods work great for this)! Simply suspend a donut at mouth-level for each competitor, who cannot use their hands to eat the donut--- only their mouths! There are two variations of this side-splitting game--- either everyone eats at once for a crumb-flinging fiasco, or put everyone on the spot by eating one-by-one, timing each player!

86. Wheel of Shots

Want a way to not only get your drink on but also learn a lot about your friends, from the sassiest to the quietest? Wheel of Shots is a chance game in which players spin the wheel and are challenged to complete the task that the arrow lands on. A fun, great icebreaker to help loosen up the party, but it shouldn’t be abandoned after the first round--- use it the rest of the night in addition to some truth or dare games or scavenger hunts to spice things up and bump up the challenge!

87. The Sticker Game

Want to try out your ninja skills with a fun bachelorette party game? The Sticker Game is a hilarious way to see just how reckless your guests can be! Each player receives ten stickers in order to play. Any stickers can be used, but our Bachelorette Award Stickers come in packs of ten and are thematically on point! The object of the game is to stealthily place stickers on your fellow party-goers without them noticing. The first person to empty their sheet, wins!

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88. The Hunt is Over!

A bachelorette game meant for the girl who loves a bit of camo, this one is great for friendly competition and fun! Using a large piece of cardboard, attach as many small inflated balloons as you can fit using pins through the knot or tape. Attach a pin to a wine cork, small piece of dowel, or other material with hot glue to make a dart! To make it extra fun, put pictures of various people like celebrities, politicians, the bachelorette’s exes, as well as one picture of the groom, behind the balloons! Then, give each party-goer a chance to “hunt” for the groom, until one person pops the balloon that he’s hiding behind!

89. Thrift Store Chic

Who doesn’t love finding a great deal at a thrift store, or at least ogling the strange things that people sometimes donate? For that bachelorette, Thrift Store Chique is a fast-paced, lively game that’s sure to be the talk of your group for years to come. Set a cap on spending that everyone is comfortable with and a time limit of 30 minutes. Then, turn the bachelorette party loose on the bride-to-be’s favorite thrift store! Within the time limit, players must put together the best possible outfit! Host a fashion show later, and let the bride decide who wore their finds best!

90. Hottie Hunt Sticker Game

For the flirty bridal party, look no further than the Hottie Hunt Sticker Game! Seek out the guys who match the description written on each pucker and get them to wear your stickers! To make it a bit more challenging, give extra points for every free drink or number that your party-goers get. The winner is the one who clears their sheet first. Another variation is to take a picture of the bachelorette with the people who the party have deemed worthy of the sticker! A great game to meet new people and have a raucous good time!

91. Likes & Dislikes

For the more intimate bridal party, this is a perfect game to test your knowledge of your bachelorette friends! Pick a theme (like weddings, bars, or restaurants) and have each person write one “Like” and one “Dislike”. Mix all of the entries into a hat and have one person try to guess what set belongs to which person. A fun way to get to know your friends, and it can be as tame or as wild as you like! Turn it into a drinking game for every wrong answer!

92. Reverse Ring Pickpocket

A silly way to see how sneaky you can be with your fellow bachelorettes! The objective of Reverse Ring Pickpocket it to hide a toy ring (Like our Wedding Shot Glass Ring) in the pocket, purse, or other secure location on another person. It must be done with stealth and care--- anyone who gets caught planting the ring has to take a drink for the 21+ parties, or perform a dare! This game really tests creativity and inspires some hilarious antics!

93. Groom, Bride

A unique take on Marco Polo, Groom, Bride is a great game for an all-ages event. One player, “The Bride”, is blindfolded in an open room or area with nothing for them to trip or stumble over, or in a pool. They then call out “Groom!”, and the other players must respond audibly with “Bride!” until one of the players is caught and become “it”. A fun way to be physically active with your Bride Tribe and enjoy some fun in the sun!

94. Pucker Up

Two things we love at The House of Bachelorette: Drinks and Dares! If you're like us, you'll really like Pucker Up you have 100 different activities, and 50 of each truth and dare cards to play. Play responsibly but stay wild of course!

95. Pin the Kiss: Couples Edition!

If you’re planning on hosting a Team Bride and Team Groom event, this is the version of Pin the Kiss for you! This hilarious twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey makes a celebrity couple the target for each player to hit. Print out pictures of lips and kisses for each team, putting the name of each player on the back. Add a blindfold and a couple of spins, and after everyone has had a chance to play, whatever team gets the closest wings!

96. Toilet Paper Lingerie

Last minute party planning stressing you out? If you don’t have time to wait for shipping or your favorite bachelorette’s party is running a little flat, try out this hilarious, creative team-building game! Great for co-ed parties as well, the objective is to create the best possible lingerie for one member of each team, completely out of toilet paper! Award points for the best successes, the biggest flops, and the most innovative attempts! A fashion show will be a must after this side-shaking ordeal, so be prepared to hoot and holler at your favorite modeling party-goers!

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97. Lipstick Pictionary

Test out the artistic ability of your gal pals with Lipstick Pictionary! Divide the bachelorette party into teams and from a hat full of wedding-related words, have the “artist” from a team pick a word. Using only their mouths and a tube of lipstick, they must then attempt to draw whatever their word was! Their team has 30 seconds to guess as they draw, but if they are unable to find the answer, the other team has the opportunity to steal the point! A bachelorette game that’s sure to slay, the lipstick can be substituted for pencils, crayons, or other drawing materials--- just make sure everyone gets their own!

98. Famous Movie Love Quotes

Is a staple to your girl-group watching fantastic movies together? Then this is the perfect game for your bachelorette party! Famous Movie Love Quotes is a fun, low-pressure game to test your movie knowledge. Working in teams or individually, the objective is to identify which movie quotes came from! Great for reminiscing, and easy to tie in with other games, like the Movie Drinking Game, for a night of fun memories.

99. Ringo the Flamingo!

For a tropical bachelorette party, nothing says warm sun and sandy beaches like a bright pink flamingo! This game is a variation on the classic ring toss, but uses lawn flamingos or our inflatable flamingos instead! Fashion rings out of decorated cardboard, or use some beaded necklaces instead! A quick and easy game to set up, keep it casual or make it into a competition for your tropical bachelorette party! Make one target extra difficult to hit, and award anyone who wins with a flamingo lollipop! Substitute the flamingos for wine, liquor, or beer bottles if you prefer!

100. Costume Showdown

Is your bachelorette the kind who loves a certain superhero series, video game, or book series? Honor her other love by hosting a Costume Showdown! Great for fall weddings or any time of year, assign each party-goer a character a few weeks in advance of the big event and a cap on spending--- a twenty or thirty dollar limit seems to work well. Give them time to go to various thrift stores, and when the big day comes, host a fashion show! Award prizes for the lowest cost, most accurate, and most creative attempts!

101. The Bachelorette “Newly-Wed” Game

With a mixer of friends and family, nobody can say no to a spin on the classic “Newlyweds” game. For this game, some planning is necessary but absolutely worth it! Start off the party with an icebreaker, like the “Get to know the Bachelorette Party” game or something like “Two Truths and a Lie”. After some time has passed and some mingling has occurred, either randomly assigned pairs as a team, or let them pick their own (with the stipulation that they should try to team up with someone that they did not know before today). Each “couple” has to answer questions about one another from the icebreaker, or take their best guesses! The bachelorette should be the final “judge” on any close answers, and the winner is the pair with the most correct answers! Or, for the more traditional version at a co-ed party, just look up any online source of Newlywed questions!

No matter what game you choose to play at your bachelorette, it should add some fun and laughs to your party! Just make sure it can include everyone attending.

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