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Bach and Boozy Bachelorette Party

September 11, 2023 3 min read

Time to pour yourself a drink girl...you're engaged! Let the champagne flow and gather your girls to start planning the bachelorette party! If you like the idea of drinks, toasts, and cheers, then we have more where that came from. Let us help you plan a Bach and Boozy bachelorette party! Dress up as your favorite alcohol and let your creativity guide you. Read on for some inspiration and outfit ideas to pull this fun and unique party idea together!


If your favorite drink is Fireball, we know you're a fire cracker! You must incorporate red and yellow colors into your look. Start with a yellow bride's entourage tank top and pair it with a red bridal party sash of your choosing. If you're feeling spicy, like the fireball lover you are, consider adding some sexy red lingerie to your look!

Crown Royal 

Next we have Crown Royal. A whiskey suit for royalty like yourself! You have to wear a crown of course. Whether that's a felt crown headband, or glittering tiara it will complete your Crown Royal look. Throw on some gold crown sunglasses too! Finish the look off by adding a purple sash to mimic the iconic purple bag that Crown comes in.


More of a tequila girl? Then a Patron outfit is just for you. Start with a fun pair of tequila shot sunglasses or lime bling shutter sunglasses. Next up, add a lime green fluffy feather boa to add to your fabulous outfit. Pair the boa with knee high green socks and then a silver bachelorette party tutu to compliment all of your green elements. Top off this look with a cowgirl hat!


Where are the rum girls at! We think this Malibu look would be perfect for the bride to be! First, start off with a white sparkly bridal cowgirl hat and add a white tutu to match your Malibu bottle. Then, add a tropical bridal sash of your choice to mimic the Malibu logo! Add some shiny beads or a lei to further accessorize your look and if you're the bride, add some sparkly bride earrings!


Who doesn't love a good cocktail! And a Cosmopolitan is one of our favorites because it's pink! Since this day is all about the bride, add some pink team bride sunglasses to your outfit. If you want a good laugh, add a hot pink pecker hair tie or two to do your hair in braids or pigtails. You also can add some pink glow necklaces as bracelets or a necklace to shine even in the dark!

Pina Colada

Last up we have the iconic Pina Colada. A tropical and delightful cocktail. Some fun flamingo and pineapple socks definitely match the energy of this drink. A Pina Colada reminds us of tropical paradise so consider wearing a swimsuit paired with a pearl sarong to ensure everyone at the party knows what drink you are. Add a iridescent babe visor to complete this hot look!

Other Necessities

Now that we have outfits covered, there are a few more things you need to complete your Bach and Boozy Bachelorette Party! First things first, you need shot glasses of course! If you and the girls tend to forget which shot glass is yours, then consider getting some shot glass necklaces in different colors so you can always have your own shot glass on you! We also have a variety of pecker shot glasses and sparkly shot glasses to match your party vibe! Scatter around the room some cocktail balloons and cocktail pecker suckers for all the girls! Make sure to have plenty of sip sip hooray cups, headbands, and décor and a pink bride straw for the bride!


We hope you have the best time at your Bach and Boozy Bachelorette Party. Take a look at our "Let's Get Smashed" Theme tab on our website for more inspiration. Cheers!

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