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Bachelorette Party Ice Breakers that are Actually FUN!

October 25, 2023 3 min read

Bachelorette Party Ice Breakers

One of the best parts of weddings is the way they manage to bring together all sorts of different people from the bride and groom’s lives. The same can be said of bachelorette parties! More often than not, the bride-to-be has acquired her best girlfriends from various points in her life. She may have a few childhood and high school friends, some from college, and even some from her newer work life. While all of these friends are incredibly special to her, it can sometimes be a little awkward when the bachelorettes are charged with getting to know one another as they are embarking on the bachelorette party. Finding out why the bride loves each of the bachelorettes will be super easy with a few fun ice breakers guaranteed to get the conversation flowing the way that the wine does!

What I know about the Bride

While you may not know too much about the girls, the one thing that you will definitely have in common is your love for the bride!  Find out who knows the bride the best, and get to know the bachelorette party at the same time Come up with 15 to 20 questions ranging from scandalous (how many dates did she go on before she slept with her husband to be?) to funny (what does the bride think the groom’s most annoying habit is?) or just buy the Bride game! Don’t focus too much on getting every answer right, as sometimes the best answers are the hilariously wrong ones! Give prizes for the team with the best bad answer and the team with the most right answers.

Two Truths and a Lie

One super fun icebreaker is the game “two truths and a lie” . Each bachelorette comes up with two truths and a lie about themselves. As you go around in a circle, each gal will share what she came up with, while the rest of the guests try to figure out what is fact and what is fiction! Put a fun wedding spin on it by asking the girls to come up with a false and true memory of or fact about the bride, instead. Challenge the bachelorettes to guess which is which!

Bachelorette Party Icebreaker Printable

Another great icebreaker is the Bachelorette Party Icebreaker printable! Print out a copy for each of the girls at the party and let them fill out the sheets according to their preferences. At the end, share them with one another and see who had the most similar answers! These sheets are especially awesome to use at a brunch or dinner, where the girls can work on them at the table together!

Would You Rather Wedding Edition

Would You Rather: Wedding Edition is a fabulous and funny way to get to know the bachelorette party- and fast! The questions are all wedding or bachelorette theme and the girls will have a great time deciding which option they would prefer! Nothing bonds a group better than trying to decide whether they would rather have their bachelorette party in Vegas or their honeymoon on a tropical island!

Spin the Bottle: Truths Game

Play the grown-up, girls only version of Spin the Bottle. All you need is an empty glass bottle and a ton of silly, fun, and interesting questions! Cut and fold the questions into small squares and place them in the center of the circle. Whoever the bottle lands on after it spins has to pick up a question and answer it for the group! Some fun question ideas include: What was your first kiss, what was your most embarrassing moment, who is your celebrity crush, etc. Get creative and be original! Check out this spin the bottle game too!

Famous Couples Game

Another awesome icebreaker is the Famous Couples game. Write out different famous couples like Kim and Kanye, Gwen and Blake, Zach and Kellie, and more on sticky notes! Once you have enough notes for every player, put one on each bachelorette’s forehead- but don’t let her see which couple she’s wearing! Then, go around and ask one another yes and no only questions until everyone has guessed which famous couple they are wearing!

Don’t stress too much about the bachelorette party going smoothly if the girls don’t know one another beforehand. As long as everyone is super welcoming and comes ready to mingle, the whole celebration will go off without a hitch! It’s hard not to have a ball when you’re celebrating as something as special as a wedding with a group as great as all of the bride’s besties!

Looking for more bachelorette games? Check out our list of the top 101 bachelorette party games.

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