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60+ Out-of-the-Box Bachelorette Party Ideas You Won't Believe!

June 15, 2023 13 min read

60 out of the box bachelorette party ideas

This is a huge list of amazing, Out-of-the-Box bachelorette party ideas that the Bride will love! We have broken this huge list of ideas into 6 categories based on the new trends in Bachelorette Parties!


Old School/Naughty Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Bachelorette Strip Club Party

Find your local boy toy review and head out for a night you won’t forget. Make sure the bride and your group of bachelorettes have plenty on singles $ on hand!  make sure to have the Bride wear a bachelorette veil or Bride sash so she gets lot of attention from the cast!

The Bachelorette Pleasure Party

Invite a "pleasure party" professional to your home and she’ll do the rest…a night of naughty toys and drinks and the bride will have plenty of ideas for the wedding night!

The Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

With this popular game you can send your bachelorettes all over town on a chase for the scavenger hunt list of goodies! For the best scavenger hunt make sure it has lot’s of personal things about the bride or fit’s with the theme of your bachelorette party!

The Bachelorette Limo Party

A favorite of the bachelorette party is to have a Limo and driver to get them safely to their favorite Bars, restaurants and events. This is a great way to ensure that Bachelorettes aren’t driving while under the influence of alcohol. Make certain you bring lot’s of Limo games and a CD of favorite bachelorette party songs for the drive! While in the Limo play some of these GREAT Bachelorette Night Songs!

The Bachelorette Biker Party

Find some friends with motorcycles to take the Bride and bachelorettes for a wild ride on motorcycles! Have all the bachelorettes dress for the motorcycle ride (bachelorette tattoos, lot’s of leather and Harley Davidson stuff) and end the night at the local Biker bar and extend your good time!

Pole Dancing Lesson Bachelorette Party

Arrange for a pole dancing lesson for your bride and bachelorettes! Be sure to bring a prize for the “best Moves” and “most likely to get a BIG tip”. This is a lesson the bride may find useful on her honeymoon! 

Striptease Bachelorette Party

Invite the Bride-to-be over for an old fashion striptease! When your “police office” or “fireman” arrives, make sure the bride has plenty of one dollar bills for her lap dance!  Give everyone hilarious  bachelorette hand sanitizer as a party favor!

Figure Drawing Class Bachelorette Party

Hire a male model (nude?!) and grab your art supplies for an art class you will never forget. As you and the bachelorettes study the male form and create your works of art you can create memories your bride will cherish forever!

BJ Class

If you saw the movie “old School” you know what I’m talking about…you need some banana’s and a professional instructor…and voilà



Active/Athletic Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Bachelorette Olympics

Find a local Fun Park or set up your own Bachelorette Olympics – Try an obstacle course, jousting, a ropes course…you come up with the games and keep the competition going with great prizes for the Bride-to-be and the bachelorettes!

Camping Bachelorette Party

Gather the tents, get the Bride a cozy Bride Hoodie and tell you guests to bring their sleeping bag for a night under the stars complete with a bonfire and ghost stories…What a Blast!  Get everyone Bachelorette sleep masks as fun party favors so they can sleep in the next morning!

A Bachelorette Bike Ride

Start by decorating the brides bike, gathering a picnic lunch and head out on the trail with your bachelorettes! This bachelorette party will relax the bride and keep her in shape for her wedding dress!

Bachelorette Zip Line Party

Imaging your bride (in veil and all) zipping along above the canopy of trees in a forest! Simply find your nearest Zip Line Park and gather the bachelorettes for a day flying thru the air! Bring your camera…this idea promises a lot of great photo opportunities!

The Bachelorette vs. the Bachelors Baseball/Football Game

Have the bachelorette party challenge the bachelor Party to a friendly game of baseball or Football. Assign cheerleaders and come up with cheers for each team. Have T-shirts made to commemorate this fun event for the Bride and Groom! 

Off Roading Bachelorette Party

Take the Bachelorettes and rent your favorite off-roading vehicles for a FUN day in the mud! Head to the local dive bar afterwards for a cold beer!

Golfing Bachelorette Party

Spend a day on the Links with your bride and bachelorettes. Rent carts, keep scores and give out prizes…and if you meet any cute guy golfers on the 19th hole…invite them back to the clubhouse for drinks with the group!

Parachuting Bachelorette Party

Ever think jumping out of a plane was a good idea? Try a tandem jump with the entire bachelorette party! I guarantee an experience you will be talking about for years!

Horseback riding Bachelorette Party

Head to the dude ranch for a day of beautiful trail rides or equestrian feats! After the ride, take the party to the local saloon in her cowgirl bride hat for a tall cold one and invite a few cute cowboys too!

Ski Weekend Bachelorette Party

Rent a condo at the local ski hill and invite your bachelorettes for a fun weekend. Spend the day on the slopes, and the evenings in the hot tub or at the local gathering place in front of a roaring fire.

Frisbee Golf Bachelorette Party

Enjoy a round of frisbee gold with the bride and bachelorettes at your local university or college. After your round give the winners a prize and head to the local college bars for some fun and drinks!

Roller-skating Bachelorette Party

Head to the local roller rink for a flashback bachelorette that everyone will be talking about. Tell the bachelorettes to dress in their favorite retro roller-skating outfits and make sure the DJ knows the bride’s favorite tunes!

Bachelorette Bowling Tournament

Invite the bachelorettes to compete at your very own bowling tournament. Divide your groups into teams and offer prizes for High score, best outfit, best bowling cheer, etc. For a more upscale bowling environment try Lucky Strike Lanes or a local Martini Bowling alley.

Bachelorette Snorkeling

Head out on an undersea adventure if your near the ocean or if not – just have a snorkeling class with your bachelorettes at the local pool or lake!

Bachelorette Rodeo Party

Grab the bachelorettes and head to the local rodeo for some good FUN! Watch rodeo events or even participate (try the greased pig grab!). Invite cute cowboys to the local saloon after the event is over! Decorate your table with our country western bachelorette décor

Surfing Class with the Bachelorettes

If you lucky enough to be on a coast, give a surfing lesson a try and take the entire Bachelorette Party with you! Give the Bride a special Bride towel or flip flops to wear. Afterward have a bonfire on the beach and invite your cute surf instructor to join you!

White Water Rafting, Bachelorette Style

If you’ve never tried white water rafting this is the perfect Bachelorette Party for you! Pick adventurous rapids or a relaxing float down a lazy river – either way with your Bachelorette along for the ride, you will have a great time!

Bachelorette Circus Class

Are you planning a Bachelorette for an adventurous group of girls? Try a circus class! Learn to juggle, clown around, or swing on the trapeze…bring your camera as this bachelorette promises a LOT of great photo opportunities!

Rock Climbing Bachelorette

The local rock-climbing gym will LOVE to host your Bachelorette Party. Be sure and request their cutest instructor!



Green/Do-Good Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Bachelorette Habitat for Humanity Party

Get out your tool belt and grab your bachelorettes for a FUN day of helping others and building homes! Invite the hottest carpenters on the job to the “after party” at your local pub!

The Bachelorette “Walk” Party

Pick the brides favorite charity and join in their walk event. Get matching Bachelorette Party shirts and make sure each bachelorette has a lot of sponsors donating for your group. At the end of the walk donate all of the proceeds in the brides name.

The Bachelorette Car Wash

Hold a Car wash to raise money for the brides favorite charity. Ask all the bachelorettes to bring car washing supplies and to make signs. The bride will be so moved by your event that she will never forget her wonderful friends!

The Bachelorette Trash Pick-Up Party

Take the bachelorette party to the brides favorite park and spend a few hours picking up trash. After the work is over enjoy a relaxing picnic along with party games.

Have a Bachelorette Day at the Local Animal Shelter

Take the entire Bachelorette Group to the local animal shelter for a fun day with the dogs and cats. Volunteer to help with an adoption fair, feed the animals, walk the dogs, clean up the kennels, etc. Click here to see a great place to volunteer!

Take your Bachelorettes on a Segway Tour

Try a Segway for a FUN unexpected tour with all of your bachelorettes. You won’t believe how much fun a Segway can be! Really daring? Try playing a game…like segway polo, or segway hide and seek…FUN and good for the environment!!!

Climb a Mountain with your Bachelorettes!

Pick a small mountain, perhaps a 3–4-hour hike to the top (for example: Mt. Si near Seattle would be a perfect choice). Pack some snacks and your camera and make it a quest. Most people have never climbed a mountain – and what a great memory for both the Bride and the Bachelorettes.



Relaxing/Low Key Bachelorette Party Ideas

Spa Day Bachelorette Party

What is more girly and fun than a Mani/Pedi with your friends! Plan to play the brides favorite music, serve her favorite drinks, and enjoy some quality girl-time! Click here for more ideas for a Spa Bachelorette Party!

Boat Cruise Bachelorette Party

What’s more relaxing than the gentle waves of a boating bachelorette Party. Hire a captain, give the Bride a cool pair of bachelorette sunglasses, and a sailboat and pack a great dinner and watch the sunset sharing stories and enjoying each other's company!

Bachelorette Ballooning Party

Rent a hot air balloon and head into the clouds for a day you won’t forget. Surprise the Bride-to-be and she will never guess your amazing bachelorette idea! After the balloon lands take the girls to a local restaurant for a dinner and to talk about your adventure!

Bachelorette Beach Party

Share a day under the warm sun with the Bride and Bachelorettes. Bring food and enjoy games and drinks on the beach. After the sun sets on your lazy day, enjoy a bonfire on the beach! Check out our tropical theme bachelorette party supplies to find great party favors and leis!

Massage Bachelorette Party

Start off with a massage class (complete with HOT guy massage instructor) and end with a massage for each Bachelorette and the Bride. After your massage head to the local coffee house for some live music.

Bachelorette Movie Night Under the Stars

With a little planning this can be a great event…find your local outdoor movie venue or rent a DVD projector and use the side of the garage as your screen! Have each guest bring their lawn chair and a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to find out the brides favorite movie, or here is our list of the top 10 bachelorette party movies.

Yoga Bachelorette Party

Help the Bride find her Zen with a personalized yoga class just for the bride and her bachelorettes. Decorate a special Yoga mat for the bride and afterward head to your favorite smoothie bar for a rejuvenating mango banana power drink!

Pottery Painting Bachelorette Party

Make an appointment at your local pottery painting studio for a fun time with your bachelorettes. Pick pottery out that will be gifted to the bride – like a great serving platter or a vase. You get a great keepsake and a fun bachelorette party all in one!

Cooking Class Bachelorette Party

Head to the local cooking school for a great night of cooking with all your friends. Make all of the brides favorite foods or pick a Naughty theme (like wedding night fondues/sauces) to get the party going. Make sure your cooking class provides drinks, but if not, just ask them to suggest a good pairing with the food and bring it yourself!

Extreme Makeover Bachelorette Party

Hire a stylist/beauty Expert to give advice on new hairstyles and make-up to the bride and Bachelorettes and then head to the salon and have them done! Afterwards head out to a night on the town and show off you new looks!

Fortune Telling Bachelorette Party

Believe me the bride is ready to hear about her future and the rest of bachelorettes will LOVE it too! Pick a fortune teller that specializes in romance to keep with your theme!



Last Minute Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Back Yard BBQ

Build a fire in the fire pit, poor some wine or cold beer and invite the bachelorettes over for a fun time in the backyard. Add a few party games and this idea is a real winner! Click here for more Backyard bachelorette Party Ideas!

Bachelorette Slumber Party

Grab some party games and the brides favorite munchies and you have a great party in no time. Circle the sleep bags on the living room floor, grab the brides favorite movies (cheesy romance such as “16 candles” or old-school scary such as “Pet Cemetery..." you pick! This party is perfect for the bride who wants to experience the good old days one more time!

Bachelorette Movie Night

See a movie at the theater or enjoy a night in with your favorite DVD’s. Afterward play a movie trivia game! Don’t forget the popcorn! Check out this list of 20 GREAT bachelorette MOVIES!

Bachelorette Game Night

Invite the bachelorettes to a Board Game Olympics complete with prizes! All you need is 3+ board games or some crazy fun bachelorette games and someone to keep score! To find the best games check out our list of 101 bachelorette games.

Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party

Pick your theme (such as California Red Wines or Pinot Grigio) from the Brides favorites and ask every Bachelorette to bring a bottle from this group. Grab some cheeses, bread and chocolate and you have yourself a party! To take it up another notch invite a local Sommelier to give the party a more educational flare! Click here for more info on having a Wine Tasting bachelorette Party!

Pizza Making Bachelorette Party

Pick up your favorite toppings and invite the Bachelorettes over to make their favorite pizza. Let the bride judge the pizza making contest and give the winner a prize!

Bachelorette Fondue Party

Last minute parties can be great too! Call your local fondue restaurant and book their best table (The Melting Pot is a GREAT choice). After a night of gooey cheeses and decadent chocolates head to the local dance club to burn those extra calories!

Casino Bachelorette Party

Grab the girls, jump in the car and head to the nearest casino. Enjoy the live entertainment, dancing, cheap drinks and a little gambling. Save the all-you-can-eat buffet for AFTER the wedding! Click here for ideas for a Vegas Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette Poker Night

Want something a little lower key than Vegas...? Have a Poker night at home! Grab some poker chips, a couple of decks of cards and some great food and you have yourself a great party!



Night on the Town Bachelorette Party Ideas

Dueling Pianos Bachelorette Party

Find you local dueling piano bar and take the bride and bachelorettes for a great night. Make sure to gather everyone's favorite songs and to let the staff and piano players know that the bachelorette party wants to be in on the fun!

Theatrical Show Bachelorette Party

Choose a quality show and take the whole group for a fun night! Make sure to get the show program and have every bachelorette write something fun for the bride as a keepsake and after the show hang out at the backstage door for autographs!

Concert Bachelorette Party

Pick the brides favorite artist and make it a night she’ll never forget! This one requires lots of advanced planning, but the payoff can be BIG!

Comedy Club Bachelorette Party

If a night of laughter with friends is just what the bride needs just find your local comedy club and book a table near the stage. Before the show ask your server if the bride can be announced to the audience!  Dress her in a bride sash or bachelorette veil, so she gets lots of attention!

Drag Show Bachelorette Party

The excitement of a good drag show will thrill the bachelorettes – the costumes and impersonations! Make certain your bachelorette party dresses up for the occasion – feather boas, high heels and false eyelashes required!

Medieval Bachelorette Party

Head to your local medieval festival or Medieval Times for a FUN night at a Damsel in distress! Dress up in your favorite tiaras, princess or damsel outfits, and get ready to meet your knight in shining armor! Bring your camera so you can get a picture of the bride eating a whole chicken with her bare hands – medieval banquets do NOT provide eating utensils!

Bartending Class Bachelorette Party

Ever wanted to pour drinks like a pro? Love the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise? Then a bartending bachelorette party is perfect for you! Find out the brides favorite drinks and learn to mix them like a pro…then head to your local bar and try out your skills for real!

Cirque d’Soliel Bachelorette Party

Snag tickets to your local Cirque d’ Soliel show including "Tapas Rouge" for a night of spectacular show and fun and free drinks! Tapas Rouge is a VIP experience with free food and drinks that you can enjoy with your bachelorettes both before and after the show!

Karaoke Bachelorette Party

Write a bunch of the brides favorite songs down (or check out the great list of Bachelorette Party Songs in the House of Bachelorette Blog) and put them in a fish bowl. Then have each Bachelorette draw a song out of the bowl. If you really want to see a good show, draw the songs a few days prior to the Party and let everyone practice their songs! 

Theme Park Bachelorette

Head to the local theme park for a great Bachelorette Party.  Ride the roller coaster, spin on the tilt’o whirl and splash down the log ride with the bride-to-be!



Totally CRAZY, OUT-OF- THE-BOX Bachelorette Party Ideas

Balloon Handler Bachelorette Party

Ever wanted to help with the Thanksgiving Day parade giant inflatable balloons as they float down the street in front of thousands of spectators? Sign up your bachelorette Party to be balloon handlers! It’s a volunteer position and it’s great fun! Uniforms are usually provided (jumpsuits) and you may even get the bride on TV! The Bride will NEVER forget this one!

Oscar Bleacher Seats Bachelorette Party

Check out the info at Oscar.com and sign up your group of Bachelorettes to attend the OSCARS (in the bleacher seats on the RED CARPET!). This is PERFECT for the fashionista bride who LOVES to see all the Oscar gowns or the Movie Fan bride who wants to see ALL her favorite stars in person! Bring your Camera!

As always, please send me your great additions and comments! THANKS!

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