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How to have a Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party on any Budget!

June 15, 2023 2 min read

How to have a wine tasting bachelorette party

Now that you have decided you do not have to have a “normal” Bachelorette Party you can enjoin a ton of amazing party options! A wine tasting bachelorette party is very easy to plan, can be done on very short notice and can be a very low-cost way to have a Bachelorette Party.

What is the Brides favorite kind of wine? Once you find this out, you can build the whole party! Below are some different ideas for a Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party.


The “Bring a Bottle” Party

When you send out the invitation you should specify that each Bachelorette needs to bring a bottle of wine. You should narrow the options by selecting a type of wine (such as Merlot) or a make a broader request (such as White Wines or Sweet White Wines). Make sure the wine reflects the bride-to-be’s preferences. Once you have selected the type wine you can plan the food. Make certain to have lot’s of breads to clean the palette between tastes. An assortment of cheeses and antipasto is a great addition to a wine tasting. Finger foods will be good choices, as one hand will be occupied with a wine glass, you want items to be easy to eat. Once the tasting is over, ramp up the bachelorette fun by playing a GAME


Head to the Local Winery

Take your group of Bachelorettes and head to the local winery. Bring blankets and plan an outdoor picnic on the lawn. Ask an employee from the winery to make wine selections and to speak at your party about the wines. In advance of the party ask the winery for a list of foods/dishes that you can prepare in advance for the tasting. Plan a FUN outdoor Bachelorette party game after the tasting. If possible plan the date of your bachelorette party during an event at the winery, such as a concert or grape stomp! Don’t forget to bring cute party supplies like bachelorette wine glasses and bachelorette party beverage napkins!


Restaurant Sommelier Tasting

Plan your party at local restaurant that is known for their exceptional wine list. Ask the Chef and Sommelier to prepare a tasting menu for your party, using the brides favorite type of wine and food that would be a good compliment. If possible reserve a private room at the restaurant and ask the sommelier to lead you tasting. (S)he can educate the Bachelorette Party guests on the flavors and attributes of each wine selection and food pairing. Prepare a canvas tote bag party favor for each attendee with a bottle of wine, a wine opener and other favorite items.

Other things to add

  • Bottles of wine for the Bride to start her wine cellar
  • A cake shaped like a wine glass
  • Bachelorette party music that fit’s the mood

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