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Party Favor Bag Ideas for your Bachelorette Party!

June 15, 2023 2 min read

Party Favor Bag Ideas for your Bachelorette Party

The Bachelorette PARTY BAG, SWAG BAG or GIFT BAG is a key component of any amazing Bachelorette Party.  Filling the favor bag with thoughtful items, will help make the party extra special.

Why Give a Bachelorette Party Favor Bag?

A Party Bag is basically a bag full of bachelorette goodies that will accomplish the following:

  • Commemorate the Bride’s Special Night Out
  • Reinforce the Bachelorette Party Theme
  • Provide Supplies for Party Games


What's in a Bachelorette Party Favor Bag?

Now…What to fill your bag with to accomplish these 3 things? …Below find some ideas:

Something Funny

Get the night off to a hilarious start with some funny items in the gift bag! Try a funny magnet, hilarious "grow a pecker", or other FUN items!

A Cute Pen

pen is needed to complete a lot of different bachelorette party games, so giving one in the gift bag just makes sense.  We recommend you choose something that follows the theme.

Something Naughty

A naughty item is a must for every bachelorette party! So many choices: Try a Naughty Straw, a pair of handcuffs, some pecker candies, a tempting shot glass, or a penis shaped sucker! All are favorites of Bachelorettes everywhere! This is not a birthday favor bag, its a bachelorette party favor bag, so a naughty item is essential! 

A Feather Boa

The feather boa says SEXY and let's party….so it is a must for every swag bag! Don’t pick white! That color is reserved for the bride! Try pink …or black if your feeling naughty!

Party Beads

What better treat for your Bachelorettes than some party beads she can use throughout the night to get boys to do crazy things for her.  You will be surprised at the FUN they bring! Try a shot glass necklace, or a cute flashing necklace!

The Bachelorette Shirt

Picking a great bachelorette party shirt is key to setting the right mood for your party. It should reinforce your theme and be a sexy fit!

A Party Headband

Nothing says girl party like a cute accessory! To make your Bachelorette Party really special grab all the girls a bachelorette headband that follows the theme or color scheme of the party. If you don’t get a headband for every girl…make sure you grab one for the bride! This is her night!

A Shot Glass

A cute matching shot glass looks great in photos and makes a fun keepsake after the party.

As always, please send me your great additions and comments! THANKS!
Have the World’s Best Bachelorette Party!

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