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10 Best Bachelorette Party Trends of 2023

June 14, 2023 3 min read

10 Best Bachelorette Party Trends of 2023

So, your best friend's fiancé popped the question. You're ecstatic, and only more so when the soon-to-be bride asks you to be a part of her special day. Whether you're the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, planning a bachelorette party is one of the best parts of the wedding festivities. Picking out decorations, choosing games, and coming up with an itinerary- all in preparation of spending a night (or weekend) with great girlfriends! Sign us up! But we also know that party planning can be stressful at times- especially when you're stumped on where to even begin! To help, we've put together a list of the 10 hottest trends for bachelorette parties in 2023. Check it out, and maybe even steal an idea (or three!)...

10. Take a Class with the Bride & Bachelorettes

Taking a class of some sort with the bride and the rest of the bachelorettes is a new and increasingly popular way to celebrate the impending nuptials! With more unique and entertaining options than ever before, you're sure to find something for every type of bride! We've noticed wine tasting, pole dancing, mixology, and flower arranging as some of the most popular!

9. Co-ed Bachelorette Parties.

If the bride and her fiancé have tons of the same friends and have been inseparable since practically the day that they met, a joint bachelor/bachelorette party is an awesome option. You're sure the double the fun when you double the guests! Here is more info on throwing a coed bachelorette party.

8. Create a Signature Party Drink

One of the hottest bachelorette party trends is having a signature cocktail. Whether you whip one up for the pre-game or throw it together for an at-home bash, creating a signature drink for the party is a surefire (and easy) way to wow your guests. Start by taking the Bride's favorite and adding your own spin.  Bonus points if you come up with a clever name!

7. Practical Party Favors

Many Bride's are opting for more practical party favors!  Hand Sanitizer, Mints, sleep masks and other practical items are making their way into party bags all over!  Our personal favorite is hand sanitizers!  A bottle of sanitizer is great in your purse during the party, and as a memento for after the party too!

bachelorette party supplies

6. Local Destination Bachelorette Parties

Girls-only getaways are here to stay. And they're only getting more popular every year! Whether you take a page out of the movie Bridesmaid's book and jet off to Vegas or you head to another super-hot bachelorette destination (think New York, Palm Springs, Napa, or even Austin!), you're sure to have a fabulous time.  More than ever in 2023, bachelorettes will pick hot destinations within driving distance, instead of flying, and stay in the US vs. going abroad.

5. Shop Small

More than ever, Bride's know it's important to shop small!  Supporting small business here in the US, and even local businesses in their own town is so important.  Plus, by shopping small, Bride's get better service, more unique products and the knowledge that they supported the economy in their State and Country!  

4. Be Unique

No two brides are alike, and their bachelorette parties shouldn't be either! Don't forget to ask your bride what she imagines for her party - it might be something totally different than what you're picturing! If you're trying to keep the party a surprise, take a moment to think about when and where your bride is the happiest and plan from there!

3. Create an Amazing Photo Booth

Photo booths have been around for a while, but they are going to the next level!  Set up lighting, a camera, or tripod, an amazing backdrop - it's so worth the effort!  Spending time on a special backdrop and props is not only a great way to decorate, but it encourages all those amazing photos that the Bride will love looking at after the event!

2. Not Skipping the Party

If we have learned nothing from the last year, it's that milestones and time with friends should NEVER be taken for granted.  More than ever, Brides see that what everyone needs is a good time with friends, whatever that looks like, whether online or in person, is SO important.

1. Parties at Home

The popularity of house parties is increasing!  Lounging by the pool, hanging out around a fire pit, slumber parties, brunches, there are tons of amazing parties that can be done at home!   These options are popular choices right now.  Quality time with your best friends can never be replaced, and is even more important before a big milestone, like a Wedding!

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