Bachelorette Party Signature Cocktails

Bachelorette Party Signature Cocktails

On the list of trends we love, you’ll definitely find signature cocktails. The detail and personal touch that a signature or house cocktail brings seems to elevate any party or event. While signature cocktails have been a wedding trend for quite some time, we’d love to see them elsewhere. And, yes, we are talking about bachelorette parties – what else did you expect from us bach party enthusiasts?!

Though drinking has undoubtedly been a main component of the quintessential bachelorette party for a long time, signature cocktails take a more sophisticated approach to bachelorette boozing. A totally custom drink, with your tastes and preferences in mind, makes your celebration seem totally professional – I mean, how cool is having your own cocktail?! Your guests will love the personal touch and you will love enjoying a drink that’s totally you! With so many different ways to incorporate a personalized drink into your bachelorette party, we definitely recommend you consider this trend!

Incorporating a Signature Cocktail

For those who simply want to create and serve a signature cocktail at their pre-planned bachelorette party, this is for you. Check out the links below for everything you need to create your own signature drink at home. TIP!: We recommend starting concocting your creation a few days prior to the actual celebration so you can perfect it and ensure it’s totally you.

  1. If you know next to nothing about cocktails, or don’t know where to start, check out this infographic to help you get the basics of bar/drink lingo! Once you sound like a pro, you’ll feel like a pro.
  2. Next, understand the basics of infusions and how flavors work together. This guide focuses on botanical combos (herbs) , and this one is more general.
  3. While you can definitely create your own totally from scratch, you can also check out these recipes for some inspo. Or, if you’re looking for something lighter, consider champagne cocktails ! Finally, here are some “sexy” cocktails that were crafted to celebrate love and are perfect for bachelorette parties. There are tons of other resources out there, so don’t be scared to do your own research, as well!
  4. For cocktails, we think looks are almost as important as taste. So check out this article on 10 super unique ways to garnish your drink , or stick to our favs, edible flowers and glitter ice cubes !
  5. There are a number of ways you can serve your cocktail. From big batch, to pre-served, choose a style that’s right for your bachelorette party and what you have planned. And fear not, signature cocktails work for on-the-go parties, as well! Consider lidded mason jars, resalable bottles, or tumblers!
  6. Finally, don’t forget to come up with a name for your signature drink!

If you want the signature cocktail to be more involved, consider throwing a cocktail-concocting (like a boozy cooking party) party, or attending a class! May distilleries offer cocktail classes, so do some research to find out what’s available to you. Similarly, if you’re a beer lover, try crafting your own brew at your local brewery – a service offered at many breweries. A signature beer is still totally on trend. If you’re wanting to stay at home, just make sure you have a fully stocked bar, tons of mixers, garnishes, and serving options. Either way, you and your party will have a totally hands-on experience that will produce a yummy outcome – your signature drink!

Whatever your style or taste is, make your celebration your own with a signature cocktail or drink!

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