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What to Pack for a Destination Bachelorette Party

February 22, 2019 2 min read

What to pack for a destination Bachelorette Party

Lucky you! You’re headed off for a destination bachelorette party, ensuring sun, drinks, great company, and new experiences. But what do you pack for this trip of a lifetime with your best girl pals? Here are our suggestions:


You need something to carry everything around in, so why not get one that draws some attention your way? A cute Bride tote bag is also a must have.  It lets people know you are the bride so they can fawn over you and buy you drinks.


You can make a hotel room feel more festive with some easy-to-pack decorations!  Balloons streamers, a banner, it doesn't take a lot of luggage space to have a big impact!  

Bride to Be Sash

You decorated the hotel room, now decorate the bride! We recommend  a luxe bride sash that can be added to any outfit. Choose black or white , so it goes with any outfit option. Be sure to pick a high quality sash, and it will be a keepsake the Bride can always cherish.

Party Dress

You’ll most likely be going out on the town at least one night, so pack something cute! Choose an option that you can move in easily, so you can break into dance mode with the bachelorettes.


Whether you’re going to a sunny locale or need to nurse a hangover, sunglasses will come in handy. Get special bachelorette and bride sunglasses


Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer and Sunscreen

If you’re going to be out in the sun, stay safe with some SPF! Plus, hand sanitizer will keep the single ladies’ from getting a sick during travel.  Try these cute bachelorette party hand sanitizers for a fun party favor!


Sleep Mask 

You’ll most likely be rooming with a bunch of ladies. If you need to get some sleep (or want to catch some Zzz’s before going out at night) a sleep mask will help.  Choose a fun bachelorette party sleep mask that is a fun trip memento.

Cute Pajamas

Staying up all night gossiping and laughing in your PJs can be a huge part of Bachelorette parties. Make sure you pack something cute to wear to bed.


Whether you plan on relaxing on a beach or splashing around in the hotel pool, you want to make sure you have a swimsuit with you!  If your heading to the beach, take at least two options.


 Heading out of the country for your bachelorette party? You’re not going to want to forget this!  Before you book your trip check to make sure its all up to date.

What else should you bring with you for a bachelorette party? Let us know in the comments!

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