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Bachelorette Party Ideas: Makeup Parties

June 15, 2023 2 min read

bachelorette party ideas - makeup parties

      • Are you and your Bachelorettes Ridiculously good-looking?
      • Do you LOVE having attention showered on you from large groups of less attractive people?
      • Have you always felt you should be the star of a photo shoot?

Then a Glamorous Make-up Bachelorette Party may be just what the doctor ordered! A Make-up Bachelorette Party is simply an afternoon of pampering with a professional make-up artist, hair stylist and fashion guru followed by a professional photo shoot.

The Invitation

Believe me…no girl in her right mind would turn down a chance for professional make-up and photographer. Your Bachelorettes will be GIDDY with anticipation when they receive your invitation. The perfect invitation should stick with the make-up or photography theme. Try purchasing several gorgeous compacts and inserting the invitation (so when they open it up, they see the Bachelorette Party Invite!). Or place your invitation onto the cover of a Vogue Magazine! Let your imagination run wild.

The Location

Ask your photographer for suggestions. (S)He may suggest their studio or an exotic location…the sky’s the limit, so have FUN with it!  If you're at home create an amazing and fun backdrop.

The Wardrobe

Want perfection? Find a professional stylist if you really want to do it right. Not only can a professional stylist provide you with the perfect clothes, but they can also put the look together and help to style the set.

The Make-up

Ask the photographer for recommendation for a professional make-up artist. This is important and is not the place to skimp if you want an amazing photo shoot.

The Shots

As the Star of the Show the Bride should also go first. Give her plenty of time to get lots of great shots for the Wedding album and to send friends/relatives. Then let each Bachelorette take their individual shots starting with the MOH and the Wedding Party. At the end of each Bachelorettes shoot, take group photos with the Bride and friends.

After the Photo Shoot

You all LOOK AMAZING…and there is NO WAY you can head home…head to a local club VIP room and show off your re-donk-u-lously good looks to everyone! Dance the night away with the Bride.

After the Bachelorette Party

Create a memory book for the bride with all of the great photos. Make sure one of the photos gets leaked to the local society pages along with a FUN synopsis of your glam make-up party!

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