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The DOs and DONTs of including your UNDERAGE friend/family member in your BACHELORETTE PARTY!?!

December 07, 2019 2 min read

including and underage family member in your bachelorette party

In talking with Brides-to-be, I don’t encounter many problems with bachelorette parties, but this one seems to be VERY COMMON…

….An UNDERAGE Bachelorette!

She could be a family member, member of the wedding party or friend, that then makes for an awkward Bachelorette Party situation. But DON’T WORRY, there IS HOPE! Check out the ideas below before you jeopardize your friendship, or put a black cloud over your wedding festivities!

DON’T Skip the Bachelorette Party

This is a once in a lifetime (hopefully!) rite-of-passage that you will remember for the rest of your life! If you skip it, you will regret it and your underage friend/family member will feel badly.

Do Include Them

DO opt for a Bachelorette Party where you can include the underage person. Pick one of the Bachelorette Party Ideas below, or have a 2 Phase Bachelorette Party: where you start with one activity (that the underage guest can be included in) and head to the bars/clubs later in the evening.

DO Be Open About It

DO tell the underage guest what the plan is. Don’t try to hide it from them if you are heading to the Bars/Clubs and they cannot join you. If you are up front with the plan, they will be MUCH happier at being treated with respect. 

TRY one of the ideas below:

Spa Bachelorette Party

Relax and be pampered…who wouldn’t love that?! Make certain if you serve alcohol, that you have a non-alcoholic option for the underage guests. Click here for more information about having a Spa Bachelorette Party. Don’t forget the Spa Bachelorette Party Favors & a FUN bachelorette game to play at the Spa!

Bachelorette Beach/Pool Party

A Party at the beach or pool can be just the ticket for a FUN day with underage guests. Plan a poolside party at a swank hotel, or head out on a boat…as long as your under the SUN! Don’t forget your FUN party lei’s or beads! The perfect beach bachelorette accessory!

Amusement Park Bachelorette Party

Head to the local amusement park for an AMAZING Bachelorette Party for all ages. Play on the rides, see shows and have dinner at an amazing restaurant in the park. I recommend Universal Studios in Orlando…and check their special events for REALLY AMAZING Park Features!

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