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The Best Ideas for your Iowa Bachelorette Party!

February 19, 2019 3 min read

The Best Ideas for your Iowa Bachelorette Party!

Iowa Bachelorettes ROCK! You have come to the right place to find great ideas for Bachelorette Parties in IOWA CITIES including: Sioux City, Des Moines, Iowa City, Davenport, Fort Dodge, Mason City, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque! The House of Bachelorette is your source for the BEST Bachelorette Party Ideas in Iowa!

Sioux City, IA Bachelorette Party

Now I have to include Sioux City in the list…not because I think I have a ton of BLOG readers in Sioux City, but because I grew up there and have partied there many times. I have to say for a small town Sioux City can ROCK.

Bars on Lower 4th - This is the area where you can “pub crawl” between 4-6 good bars and nightclubs. Check out M's, The Diving Elk, or Bergie's Bar

Buffalo Alice - Check it out for great bar food and a really cool vibe inside!

The Icky Nickel Bar & Grill - You will probably see a bar fight and get hit on by a bunch of undesirable guys, but if you get bored, you can always hit a bucket of balls in their driving range!

Tastee Inn & Out (Very fitting for a Bachelorette Party) - You MUST try this place! Need some good hangover food? They have great sandwiches, hot dogs, and soft-serve ice cream.

Iowa City, IA Bachelorette Party

Iowa City not only boasts a great University but also many great places to kick up your heels!

Yacht Club - If you looking for live music try the Yacht Club. Their concert schedule is constant and they have lot’s of great events.

Brothers Bar and Grill - Want a little dancing? Check them out for some top 40 dancing with lots of hot guys!

Des Moines, IA Bachelorette Party

Blazing Saddle - For a WILD Bachelorette Party in Des Moines take the group of girls out to a Drag show at Blazing Saddle.

3XWresting - Want something that will REALLY astound your friends? Try a LIVE Wrestling Tournament. Sit ringside and cheer on your favorite wrestlers. Guaranteed to be a CRAZY time your Bachelorettes won’t soon forget!!

Davenport, IA Bachelorette Party

Michaels Fun World - try it out for a Non-traditional Bachelorette Olympics. Check out the Gravity Zone featuring an obstacle course, jousting, or a Space-walk or challenge your bachelorettes to some rock climbing!

Pub Crawl - Create your own “pub crawl” in downtown Davenport! Be sure and hit hot spots like Mac's Tavern and Penguins Comedy Club for a hysterical comedy show!  Side splitting laughter is just what the doctor ordered!

Fort Dodge, IA Bachelorette Party

Fort Frenzy - Check out this place for tons of low key fun! Want to test out your friendships? See if you can get out of an Escape Room without any arguments!

Mason City, IA Bachelorette Party

Plan a wild Bachelorette Party in Mason City!

Diamond Jo Casino - Check them out for some gambling and try the Big Wheel Bar for drinks and live entertainment!

Waterloo, IA Bachelorette Party

Lost Island Water Park - Head over to Lost Island for acre of water fun, miniature golf, go-carts, etc!

Isle Casino Hotel - Do some gambling..and check out their full service Spa!

Cedar Rapids, IA Bachelorette Party

Iowa Ceramics Center - Check out their Girl's Night Out class! You can even bring your own wine (YAS!!)

Cedar Ridge - Head over to this winery and distillery to drink it up or check out their delicious Sunday brunch!

Dubuque, IA Bachelorette Party

Iowa Wine Tours - This is the SPOT to be if you're having a bachelorette in Dubuque. Celebrate the bride while sipping on some of the finest wines!

The Grand Opera House - Want something more low key? Enjoy a nice live show with your girls here!

Looking for MORE Bachelorette Party Ideas? Check out our 101 Bachelorette Party Ideas or our Guide to Choose the Best Bachelorette Party Gifts for ANY Bride!

As always, I hope you have the World’s Best Bachelorette Party!

Be Wild!

Steph Storm

The House of Bachelorette

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