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The Best Ideas for your Alaska Bachelorette Party!

June 15, 2023 2 min read

The Best Ideas for your Alaska Bachelorette Party!

Hello Alaska Bachelorettes! You have come to the right place to find great ideas for Bachelorette Parties in ALASKA CITIES including Sitka, Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla, Nome and Ketchikan! The House of Bachelorette is your source for the BEST Bachelorette Party Ideas in Alaska!

Anchorage, AK Bachelorette Party

Alaska is gorgeous! It is hands down one of the top 5 most beautiful places I have ever been. The glaciers, the eagles, the whales…wow.

Bear Tooth Theater Pub - Anchorage has a Theater Pub (one of the few I have ever heard of) called the Bear Tooth Grill and theater Pub. Grab your Bachelorettes and start here with House specialty margarita’s and nachos, catching a Bachelorette appropriate flick (a cheesy romantic comedy is always preferred). After the movie, head to “Koot’s” a.k.a. Chilkoot Charlie’s for live music and dancing!

Koot’s - Go to Koots, a.k.a. Chilkoot Charlie’s, for live music and dancing!

Sitka, AK Bachelorette Party

In this small town it’s hard to find a lot of options for nightlife, but what they have is great!

Pioneer Bar (aka P-Bar) - This would be a great location for a night on the town….Want some dancing?

Uncle Joe's - On the weekends, check out Uncle Joes for delicious pizza!

Fairbanks, AK Bachelorette Party

Howling Dog Saloon - What better place for a bride-to-be and her Bachelorettes to cut loose that a bar called the Howling Dog Saloon. Start on the sand volleyball court! After the game, head into the bar for some cold drinks and live music! Request one of the bride-to-be’s favorite songs and dance with her on the small stage! Woo hoo!

Wasilla, AK Bachelorette Party

North Bowl - What should I do for the perfect Bachelorette Bash in Wasilla, AK you ask? How about a bowling party with your Bachelorettes at North Bowl. Challenge the Bachelors, set crazy rules, give our prizes…you will have an AMAZING TIME!

Nome, AK Bachelorette Party

The people that live here say “there’s no place like Nome” but Nomes (lack of) nightlife has been the butt of jokes. What you Nome Bachelorettes need to do is think outside of the box. Check out our blog post on How to Have a FUN Bachelorette Party in a Small Town!

Juneau, AK Bachelorette Party

The Red Dog Saloon - A Bachelorette has plenty of options in Juneau! The Red Dog Saloon, the town’s most famous bar will be tons of fun!

The Alaskan Bar - This place has great options for cold beer and live music!

Ketchikan, AK Bachelorette Party

Ketchikan has several places to go for cold beer and good music!

Pioneer Cafe - Check out this mom and pop cafe filled with nostalgia and delicious, greasy food.

Sourdough Cocktail Bar - This is a local bar with great beers and a nice ambiance!

Looking for MORE Bachelorette Party Ideas? Try my list of 60+ Bachelorette Party Ideas for ANY City, or my Quiz that helps you select the PERFECT Bachelorette Party Idea for the BRIDE-TO-BE!

As always, I hope you have the World’s Best Bachelorette Party!

Be Wild!

Steph Storm
The House of Bachelorette

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