How To Throw a Family Friendly Bachelorette Party

October 28, 2020 3 min read

How To Throw a Family Friendly Bachelorette Party

There are traditional bachelorette party activities that just seem...strange...if you're there with your mom, grandma, little sister, or kids. So what do you do if you're throwing a bachelorette party that will be attended by multiple generations? Follow the below tips and you'll be well on your way to a Family Friendly Bachelorette Party!

Avoid "sexy" gifts

Yes, a lot of bachelorettes end up getting sexy gag gifts meant for their wedding night or honeymoon. Even if their family is "cool." it still may make the bride or some of her friends uneasy to give these gifts in front of her grandma or young cousin. If you still want to give her a "sexy" gift, find a more private time when the whole family isn't around. Let other guests know in advance that this is a family-friendly event, so they don't end up embarrassing themselves with their gift!

Have non-alcoholic drink options

Not everyone will want to (or be legally allowed to) drink, so make sure you have some non-alcoholic options on hand! Some simple options are pink lemonade (girly and fun!), sparkling cider (great for when others are having champagne), or a Sprite and pink sherbet float (festive--everyone will want one!).

Host a of couple activities throughout the day/night:

Host a daytime activity, and then meet up later for dinner or drinks. This will allow some older/younger members of the family to participate in the first half of the event, but not have to stay out late. This may also allow the bride more time to spend with her friends later without having her entire family there.

Focus on the Bride and girly "guilty pleasures"

A bachelorette party doesn't have to be wild, sexy, or embarrassing. Instead, focus on the activities the bride loves to do with other girls (specifically, activities the groom may not love as much!).

Need some more specific ideas? Use one of these party ideas:

  • Host a relaxing spa party: Go to a spa or purchase face masks and manicure kits for the attendees. Spend the day relaxing with bite-sized sandwiches, juices and cucumber water, and wonderful spa treatments! Put together a little spa goodie bag with these party favor ideas.
  • Go for blowouts and makeovers: Everyone will feel gorgeous at the end of the day! Get a makeover and then go out to a nice dinner so you can show off your new look!
  • Have a chick flick movie marathon: Host a movie marathon at home with popcorn, soda, and every type of candy imaginable. Just make sure the movies are appropriate for all-ages, or start with younger films earlier in the day and work up to the R-rated films later in the evening after kids have left. Don't forget tissues for the tear-jerkers!
  • Host a potluck dinner: Have everyone make their favorite dish, and bring the recipe for the bride-to-be. There will be something for everyone and it takes the work off of the bride and bridesmaids!
  • Hold a shopping mall scavenger hunt: Head to your local mall with a list of things to find. Separate in teams and have fun searching for and purchasing items for the bride! Have participants look for items under $5 that fit into the following clues. At the end of the hunt, vote on which items are the best and announce the winner!
Mall Scavenger Hunt List
    • Find something "sweet" for the Bride
    • This item will be perfect for the wedding night!
    • This is the only thing you need to pack for the honeymoon.
    • Something blue
    • Something that reminds you of the bride
    • Something that reminds you of the groom
    • No wedding's complete without this!
    • Something in the wedding's colors

No matter what you decide to do, speak to the bride and members of her party and make sure everyone is comfortable with the plans! That will leave out the drama on the day of the party and make sure everyone has a great time!

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