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Bachelorette Party Ideas: Outfits

June 15, 2023 2 min read

Bachelorette shirts

It’s the eve of Jen B.’s bachelorette party, and everyone is scrambling to find bachelorette-party perfect attire. No one had thought ahead about what they’d be wearing on the big night, and now they’re all stressed. Half the girls want to wear sashes, while the other half want to wear black with the bride-to-be in white! What a disaster. If they’d planned the party properly, they’d never have been in this position in the first place. Don’t be like Jen B.’s bachelorette party. Luckily for you and your girls, we’ve come up with some bachelorette party outfit ideas that won’t break the bank- but WILL make you look fierce, fun, and fabulous! Read on to find out what we’ve got in mind…


Sashes are the original bachelorette party attire. They’re classic and cute- plus super helpful when it comes to identifying what each gal’s role at the party is. Additionally, a sash will add a little something extra to your already fabulous party dress. You can rock your sash at brunch, at drinks, and at the club- they’re awesome unifiers and let everyone know that the party has officially arrived.


Bachelorette Shirts

Matching bachelorette shirts are always a classic option for a bachelorette party. Not only are they fun on the day of the event, they’re something that can be kept and worn again (even if it’s just to sleep!). We love the idea of bachelorettes who wear their shirts on the plane or while on the road to their destination- why does the party have to wait until your arrival to begin? When you wear bachelorette party shirts, it doesn’t!


Headbands, Hats or Tiaras

Headbands, hats, tiaras, and veils are all super cute and fairly simple options for bachelorette parties. You’ll still be able to all show off your own unique style with your outfits, but will be easy to spot in a crowded club. Headbands are a little more subtle than some of the other bachelorette party outfit options, which make them perfect for a more low key bride and bachelorette party, while cowboy hats are a great option for the western-themed bachelorette party!



Tutus are perfect for the bachelorette party that is young, sassy, and totally awesome. Whether you all choose to wear the same color, or instead opt for coordinating shades to make the bride stand out, tutus are a great addition to any bachelorette party ensemble. They’ll draw attention in a good way, and make it impossible to stay off of the dance floor.


Temporary Tattoos

Add a fun coordinating temporary tattoo to any bachelorette outfit.  Choose a fun tattoo that fits the party theme.  Temporary tattoos now come in metallic and glitter options that are much cooler than tattoos of the past.  


Whatever you decide to wear as a group, just remember to have a blast and take lots and lots of pictures!

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