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How to Decorate a Hotel Room for a Bachelorette Party

June 15, 2023 2 min read

How to decorate a hotel room for a bachelorette party

A lot of bachelorette parties take place in hotel rooms or restaurants, and the standard hotel room decor may not scream “Ladies Night.” What to do? Pack some of these small and inexpensive items with you, and in 15 minutes you’ll have a party room ready for the bride-to-be!


One roll of streamers can decorate a room easily. Just make sure you pack some tape to hang it up with! Grab multiple colors to make it extra festive. You can also take a simple photo backdrop out of streamers, and they are super compact to pack in your suitcase!


A banner helps set the tone for the party, by explaining the theme, or announcing the occasion.  Plus, bachelorette banners are usually flat and easy to pack in a suitcase.  Choose the largest banner you can fit in your suitcase, as this item will make the biggest impact on your decor!


When you think of packable decor, balloons are at the top of most bachelorette list!  Balloons take up virtually no space in your suitcase and just need a bit of prep time to make a room more festive. You can even incorporate them into games later on in the night! Slip papers with dares into latex balloons and have each girl pop a balloon then do the dare they find inside. Or use a sharpie and draw naughty pictures on balloons and give a prize for the dirtiest!

Feather Boas

Use the boas to decorate the room at first, and then let the ladies wear them throughout the night. Feather Boas make great party favors and they add a luxe feel to decor.


This gift to the bride can do double-duty as gifts and decor. Have each lady pick out a pair of sexy panties for the bride, and hang them up like a garland in the room. Make a fun game by having the bride guess who gave her each pair of underwear!


 Don’t forget to decorate the bride-to-be! Find a sash that matches the color scheme of the party, and you’re all set! Choose a high-quality luxurious satin and rhinestone Bride sash, and it doubles as an amazing keepsake after the wedding.

All of these items can be packed up in a small purse or carry-on and will turn your space from drab to fab. 


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