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Coed Bachelorette Party Ideas Guys & Girls will LOVE!

October 07, 2020 2 min read

COED Bachelorette Party Ideas

Does the bride and groom share a lot of the same friends? Would they rather have everyone spend time together instead of separating the girls and boys? Hold a coed Bachelorette Party!

Many couples are going the combo bachelor/bachelorette party route, and they’re having a great time. Here are some bachelor bachelorette party ideas for fun themes/activities you can do at your coed party:

Sports Theme

Buy a block of seats at a baseball game or other sporting event and cheer on the team together! Our Team Bride tank tops would be a perfect way for the ladies in the group to stand out.

Wedding Olympics

Break up into teams (Bride's Wedding Party vs. the Groom's Wedding Party) and compete in a series of events throughout the day. These can range from actual sports (Volleyball, Baseball, Races) to party games (Beer Pong, a Dance Off, Rap Battle). At the end of the day, conduct an awards ceremony. The losing team has to buy the post-ceremony dinner!

Casino Night

Set up a room with a bunch of card games and have a couple friends volunteer to be dealers for the night. Have chips and prizes on hand for the winners! Encourage everyone to dress up Vegas Bachelorette style and make some Casino Royale-inspired cocktails. Just remember to make them shaken, not stirred.


Find some old, tacky dresses and tuxes (for the guys) at a thrift store, and go paint balling in them! Just make sure you’re a couple weeks away from the wedding so any potential bruises can heal. Bonus points if you can find a photographer to come and take action shots!

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt and then compete: Boys vs. Girls! Choose items that are Wedding theme (like a garter, wedding bell, honeydo melon). Or use a scavenger hunt app to pit teams against each other (some can be city specific).  Set a time to meet back up at a bar or restaurant to compare scores and stories, and to crown a winner.

Hot Tip: Have each group wear buttons or matching shirts throughout the day so everyone knows your a group. You can use our bachelorette scavenger hunt printable as a starting base. Just switch the “bride” and “groom” mentions around for the boys’ team!

Looking for more ideas? Check out these 100 Best Bachelorette Party Themes.

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