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Bachelorette Party Ideas: Country Western

June 15, 2023 1 min read

country western bachelorette party ideas

One of the most popular Bachelorette party themes is country western! All across the country brides opt to add a southern flair to their parties!


Country western Bachelorette parties can feature many fun activities. Line dancing, bull riding, country music concerts, the options are all super fun and add to the party excitement!  Start the night off with a fun country line dance class at your local honkytonk . It's a great way to kick off the party!


Our Bride’s Posse theme items are perfect for your bridesmaids to rock during bachelorette activities, especially if you’re going for a western theme.  Start by decorating with pink bandanna prints, burlap and straw textures, and sprinkle in western boots, horseshoes and cowboys! The important thing to remember when decorating is to add feminine touches of pink.  A special banner, some pink feather boas, some balloons, all add up to make a special look!  

Country Cocktails

Even your cocktails can add to the party motif!  Set up a special beverage station, complete with country western koozies for beers and boot shaped shot glasses for something stronger! 

Country Music

Lastly, prep some great music to play at the party!  Start with our Country Western playlist  – it’s the perfect way to get the country western them party started!

Outfit the Country Bride

Don't forget to deck out the Bride for the party!  A great bride cowgirl hat, a fun country wedding shirt, just make sure the Bride stands out as the cowgirl princess she is!

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