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Bachelorette Shirt Guide

June 14, 2023 5 min read

Bachelorette Party Shirt Guide

Bachelorette shirts are a tradition for the Bride and all of her friends. If you are new to Bachelorette party planning, we have written this guide to help with some of the issues that can arise with bachelorette shirt purchases.

The Purpose of the Bachelorette Shirt

The purpose of each bachelorette wearing a matching or similar shirt is not only to solidify the group, but also to let others know that your group is together and celebrating something special. Plus, having each person wear something special for the evening means that the Bride isn't alone in wearing fun items, she has all her friends and Bridal Party wearing similar shirts and contributing to the fun! Sometimes the group is filled with people who don't know each other (i.e. college friends vs. high school friends of the Bride), and the shirts help people from all parts of the Bride's life to feel like part of the group, and feel they are special to the Bride.

Bachelorette Tank Tops vs. Shirts

When choosing whether to purchase t-shirts or tank tops for the Bachelorette Party, we suggest two options: First, you can take a poll and select the shirt style based on votes, or secondly, you can choose a shirt graphic that comes in both t-shirt or tank top styles and let each person get the shirt style they prefer. Some bachelorettes prefer more coverage and opt for t-shirts, others want to be more bare and they opt for tank top styles. Either way, getting the style that people are comfortable wearing is key to getting everyone to relax and have the best time possible.

What Color Bachelorette Shirts Should You Choose

Traditionally the Bride gets a shirt that is white. This looks the most "Bridal" and lets everyone know that she is the Bride to be (Not to mention that it usually says "Bride" on it!). But many Bride's are opting for a different color on their bachelorette night, like black or hot pink. Sometimes the Maid of Honor, or even the entire Bridal Party is also given a separate color. This helps the Bridal party stand out as being an extra special part of the Wedding fun. The balance of the guests can get a 3rd color that coordinates with the rest (for example: Bride in White, Bridal Party in Black, Bachelorettes in Hot Pink). The Bride may also opt for everyone else to wear the same color. This option looks great in pictures as the Bride is the only one is an alternate color, she really stands out in all the special photos that are taken. Some Brides choose to select bachelorette shirts that are closer to their Wedding Colors. So, for example, if your Wedding colors are mint and gold, you may select a mint green shirt for the bachelorette party with gold writing. This can look very beautiful in a wedding album. Shirts in the Wedding colors can also be great for spa days, attending Bridal shows as a group, etc. Other brides choose traditional bachelorette colors of black and pink. These look the wildest and fun in bachelorette night out photos! No matter which you choose, it will be the perfect choice for you!

Choosing a Bachelorette Shirt Theme / Graphics

Picking a bachelorette party theme is key to selecting the right shirt graphic. For example, if the Bride wants a Bride Tribe theme party, you probably wouldn't want to pick a "team bride" shirt graphic. Start by looking through our article on 101 bachelorette party ideas, pick a theme and build the perfect bachelorette party from there. If you select a more basic theme, you can choose a more basic shirt option (like a Bride graphic shirt for the Bride, Maid of Honor shirt for the MOH, Bachelorette graphics for the bachelorettes, etc). If you select an event like a sporty coed party with the Groom, choose a sport graphic like Team Bride. If the Bride loves casual bohemian style, choose Bride Tribe. If the Bride loves a more modern event, try I Do Crew. No matter what type of graphic you choose for your bachelorette shirt, partner with the Bride and it will be perfect.

bachelorette party tank tops

How to Coordinate Purchasing the Bachelorette Shirts

There are many ways to coordinate bachelorette shirt purchases, but here is one of the easiest that we have found. First, have the Bride and Maid of Honor select the shirt color and graphic. Send the link to the shirt webpage out to the entire bachelorette party guest list explaining what the Bride has selected. Be sure to also suggest they look at the size chart for the selected item. Include a link to the Maid of honors PayPal or Facebook pay account requesting the exact amount for each shirt (including any tax or shipping fees). Ask each guest to put their size request in the comments section of the PayPal payment. Give the guests a deadline for payment that is at least 14 days before you need to finalize the purchase of the shirts (this way people can plan to pay by check if needed). On the deadline date, send out a reminder email to anyone who hasn't made the payment. The next day, send anyone who has not paid an email letting them know they will have to purchase their own shirts if the payment is not received by the day before the final purchase date. Be sure to let them know that they will end up paying more to ship an individual shirt, etc. Order the shirts for all the bachelorettes on the planned date - be sure to allow for shipping time, with a couple of days cushion for late shipments! Be sure to order from a reputable company, like The House of Bachelorette, to ensure that your item will be in stock and will arrive in perfect quality and condition.

How to Style Your Bachelorette Shirt

Putting together the perfect bachelorette outfit starts with selecting the right shirts, but what about the rest of the outfit? Lots of bachelorettes are opting for matching bottoms too, for amazing group photos. Choose something casual, like a tank top and slim leg jeans, or something fun like a pink shirt with a black tutu style skirt. Most of your guests will own basic bottoms colors, like black, white, khaki or jeans. Bride's can simply ask each person on the invitation to style their look in the same way. Many brides also request hair styles and makeup options (for example, asking everyone to wear a ponytail to a sporty coed bachelorette event, or asking everyone to wear the hair down for bachelorette bar crawl). You can request everyone to wear similar makeup also (like a nude lip and a cat eye). The styling can make a jaw-dropping effect in the photos and amazing memories that will last a lifetime!

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