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Building a Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

June 15, 2023 2 min read

Building a bachelorette party survival kit

As the planner of a Bachelorette party, you want everything to go perfectly. The Bride should be happy, and everyone should have a good time. But when you mix fun physical activities (like dancing and scavenger hunts) with a bit of liquor and the excitement of a bunch of friends, accidents can happen. Be prepared with a Bachelorette Party Survival Kit filled with the best bachelorette party supplies! Make one that you can keep with you or make small ones for each attendee as an awesome party favor. Whatever they don’t use at the party, they can use on the day of the wedding!

Bottled Water

A must-have at the end of the night, tell the girls to drink their bottle of water before they turn in for the night.  that way no one will be hurting when you meet up for brunch the next day!

Hand Sanitizer

You are going to touch things during the bachelorette party that you will want to clean off.  Pop a little bottle of bachelorette hand sanitizer in your kit and it can be used long after the party!

Lip Balm

Give the girls a lip balm that can be used before bed to heal chapped lips from the wild bachelorette night.

Mints or Candies

You never know when you’ll meet a cutie at a bar or need a quick way to freshen up or are feeling hungry and need a little something to keep you going to the next meal. Pick something from our bachelorette candy selection to add to your kit!


High heels + alcohol + dancing means it’s likely someone may take a small stumble or get a blister from their shoes. Have some cute bandages on hand!


Whether it’s for a scavenger hunt or for scrawling down your phone number, you’ll need a pen at the bachelorette party. Get matching ones for the entire party!

Safety Pins

No wardrobe malfunctions here!  A couple of safety pins can save the night!  plus, these work great at securing bachelorette sashes so they don't slip during dancing.

Fuzzy Handcuffs

This may seem like a weird item to have in your survival kit, but this gift to the bride can be used for a variety of purposes: Keeping the bride attached to a responsible bridesmaid in case she gets out of control or hanging a piñata or decoration from the ceiling. Pass it off to the bride at the end of the night or secretly pack it in her suitcase for the honeymoon!

Clear Nail Polish 

Whether you need to touch up your nails or fix a run in your stocking, clear nail polish will be your hero.


There’s always that one wild friend that will most likely find someone on the night of the bachelorette party and sneak away with him. Make sure she’s safe.

Travel-Size Ibuprofen

You’ll want this the next morning. It can even be taken the night before, to head off a hangover.


Complete the survival kit by packing it all up in a small bachelorette gift bag!  What would you include in your survival kit?



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