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Awesome Ideas for Bachelorette Party Decorations

October 25, 2023 3 min read

Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas

Planning a bachelorette party and unsure where and how to decorate? Decorating a bachelorette party doesn't have to take tons of time or energy! Just pick the location you want to decorate, and try some of these easy and impactful bachelorette decor ideas:

Dessert/Snack Table

The best part of a dessert/snack table? The food is the focal point. It does double duty by being delicious AND a decoration! 

  • Display the food on cake plates and platters that vary in height for added dimension.
  • Find plates, napkins, and tableware that matches your theme. Place them on the corner of the table where you'd like people to start at.
  • Come up with cute names for the food items that make sense for the bride, and label them accordingly.
  • Super Easy Hack - grab a table decoration kit that has everything you need in one!

Photo Backdrop

Pick a basic wall that can be transformed into a photo backdrop area. This will give the girls a great spot to take pics after getting all dolled up to go out!

You can create a backdrop using basic party supplies:

  • Feather Boas: Hang them vertically in a row to get an amazing effect!
  • Fringe Curtains: Rows of tinsel fringe will create a sparkly backdrop.
  • Streamers: Hang crepe streamers vertically in a row for a brightly colored backdrop.
  • Table Covers: For a basic single-color backdrop, a table cover can be used!
  • Banners & Balloons: Accent any of the above backdrops with a banner celebrating the occasion.
  • Hot Tip: Don't forget the bachelorette photo props!

Bar/Restaurant Table

Let everyone know you're celebrating when you're out on the town! Bring quick and simple items that can be set up and taken down easily.

We recommend:

  • Table Centerpiece: Don't get a table centerpiece that is too oversized.  A helium balloon on a weight also works great for this and is pretty durable and easy to move to the next bar.
  • Cup For The Bride: Help the Bride stand out and feel like the center of attention.
  • Coasters or Table Confetti: Adds a touch of fun to the table.
  • Banner or Streamers: Let the party attendees know where your table is by using a banner. Just make sure anything written on the banner is appropriate for a public environment!
  • Hot Tip: Don't forget the bachelorette bar games!

Hotel Room

Just a few quick fixes can turn a hotel room from drab to fab!

  • Hang up feather boas on mirrors and around bed posts. It's a decoration that becomes a bachelorette party favor!
  • Grab a bachelorette banner to decorate any empty wall space. Make sure you remember tape to hang it!
  • A roll of streamers can go a long way (and are easy to pack for out-of-town parties)!
  • Balloons can make a big impact at a low price and are super easy to pop and clean up. 
  • Put a fun movie or show on the tv, or grab your phone and a dock to play music in the room.
  • Decor Hack: Grab a poster size Pin the Junk on the Hunk Game - this game poster doubles a s fun decoration!


Travel in style by decorating a car or limo on the inside and out! Everyone will know you're a party on wheels.

  • Outside: Go all out with a Bachelorette Party-themed car decorating kit! Don't have the ability to put magnets and other items on the vehicle? Just use a simple cling or suction cup bachelorette sign on the window! The sign will still stand out and will be easy to take on and off.
  • Inside: Traveling in a car? Those multi-purpose feather boas can be used to decorate the seats! Just put them around the headrests for some added flair. In a limo? Get the ladies matching bachelorette cups for all of the champagne you'll be drinking!


You've decorated the space, but what about yourselves? Let everyone know you're all at a bachelorette party by wearing some fun items!

Still at a loss on how to decorate? Get one of our fool-proof party kits. It'll have everything you need for a fun event!

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