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How To Have a Great Bachelorette Party with a Pregnant Bride

October 02, 2020 2 min read

how to have a great bachelorette party with a pregnant bride

A pregnant bride should NOT be an excuse to skip the Bachelorette Party – on the contrary, it is all the more reason to really WHOOP IT UP! This needs to be a night on the town that the Bride-to-Be/Mom-to-Be will remember for a long time (she may not have another WILD PARTY for a while!)!

Don't Skip It

Don’t Skip the Bachelorette Party! Just because the Bride can’t drink doesn’t mean you should skip the Bachelorette Party. This is a night with your friends that you will remember for a life-time, so don’t short change yourself or the bride!

Plan her Drinks

Make plans for what the bride will drink! Have non-alcoholic choices available to the bride. Make certain she is never standing there without a drink!  Get her a special bride cup too!

Keep an Eye on Her

Have FUN, but keep an eye on the bride! Make certain in all the excitement your bride doesn’t get too over-heated, or dehydrated….and don’t let her climb onto the table or bar (no falling down!)

Plan LOT’s of Activities

Since the bride won’t be drinking, lot’s of bachelorette party games and activities will help her to have a fantastic time! Try a game without any drinking like our famous Bachelorette CRAZY Bowling Game!

Do Give Her Sexy Gifts

Don’t skip giving the bride SEXY gifts! Just because she is about to be a MOM doesn’t mean you should skip the trashy lingerie and sexy gifts! Remember she won’t be pregnant forever…and pregnant Women still have healthy sex drives! Check out these great gift ideas for ANY bride!

Get Her Healthy Snacks

Do supply healthy food if you are eating out! Pick healthy options and try to avoid anything too spicy!

Party Hard

Do plan to really LET LOOSE and have a good time! Don’t hold back…PARTY!!!

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