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Tips to having a GREEN Bachelorette Party!

June 13, 2023 5 min read

Green Bachelorette Party Ideas

When I talk about a green bachelorette party, I don't mean your color scheme! Like many of you Brides and Bachelorette’s out there, I want all of my wedding and festivities to – if not be completely environmentally responsible (which can be over-whelming in regard to Weddings) then at least environmentally mindful. That’s what I mean when I say having a green bachelorette party…a party that celebrates you, your friendships, your love and your Wedding, while having a more minimal impact on the planet!

When you're 1 year from the big “I Do” you are on a CRAZY shopping/consumption spree…the likes of which I will probably never repeat in your life-time (or until your expecting your first child) ...but…like you, I am also concerned about the environment and our planet’s future.

Here are a few ideas I have had on how to accomplish an environmentally conscious bachelorette party.

Green Bachelorette Party Transportation

Skip the gas guzzling hummer limo and opt for something a little more environmentally friendly. Walking or biking would be the top pick, but even an entourage of Hybrid or electric vehicles would be a great improvement. You can have fun decorating the car(s) for the big night, and the car decorations can be reused (so pass them on to the next Bride-to-be).  Also, keeping your Bachelorette Party a local event will cut down on how far people need to travel.

What to Wear to your Bachelorette Party

If you want a Bachelorette Tee for your group of girls to wear, try an organic tee. Organic t-shirts are made of cotton grown without pesticides. Organic clothing is a hot new trend that is improving cotton farming around the world.

Green Bachelorette Party Decorations

Look for decorations made from Recycled paper. Also, saving and reusing decorations is a great way to cut back.  Make a point of passing on your bachelorette decorations to another Bride or use them at multiple Wedding events.

Green Bachelorette Party Invitations

E-mail those party invites to your guests of course to save money and the planet! 

Host an Outdoor Bachelorette Party

Sure, it’s a bit non-traditional, but a hike with your girlfriends is not only earth friendly but gives everyone a chance to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.
Here is a list of outdoor bachelorette party Ideas:
Bachelorette Competition
Find a local Fun Park or set up your own Bachelorette Olympics. Try an obstacle course, ropes course…you come up with the games and keep the competition going with great prizes for the Bride-to-be and the bachelorettes!
Camping Bachelorette Party
Tell your guests to bring their tents and sleeping bags for a night under the stars complete with a bonfire and bachelorette games. What a Blast!
Bachelorette Bike Ride
Start by decorating the bikes, gathering a picnic lunch and head out on the trail with your bachelorettes! This type of bachelorette party will relax the bride and keep her in shape for her wedding dress! Double win!
Bachelorette Zip Line Party
Imaging your bride (in veil and all) zipping along above the canopy of trees in a forest! Simply find your nearest zip line park and gather the bachelorettes for a day flying thru the air! Bring your camera…this idea promises a lot of great photo opportunities you won't want to miss!
Bachelorette vs. Bachelors Baseball Game
Have the bachelorette party challenge the bachelor Party to a friendly game of baseball or kickball. Assign cheerleaders and come up with cheers for each team. Wear “team bride or groom” T-shirts: Bachelorette for the girls and Bachelor for the guys!
Golfing Bachelorette Party
Spend a day on the green with your bride and bachelorettes. Rent carts, keep scores and give out prizes…and if you meet any cute guy golfers on the 19th hole…invite them back to the clubhouse for drinks with the group!
Parachuting Bachelorette Party
Ever think jumping out of a plane was a good idea? Try a tandem jump with the entire bachelorette party! I guarantee an experience you will be talking about for years!
Horseback Riding Bachelorette Party
Head to the dude ranch for a day of beautiful trail rides or equestrian feats! After the ride, take the party to the local saloon for a tall cold one and invite a few cute cowboys too!  Get the Bride a cowgirl Bride hat to wear, to make her feel special.
Ski Weekend Bachelorette Party

Rent a condo at the local ski hill and invite your bachelorettes for a fun weekend. Spend the day on the slopes, and the evenings in the hot tub or at the local gathering place in front of a roaring fire.

Rollerblading or Ice-skating Bachelorette Party
Head to the local roller rink for a flashback bachelorette that everyone will be talking about. Tell the bachelorettes to dress in their favorite retro skating outfits and make sure the DJ knows the bride’s favorite tunes!
Bachelorette Snorkeling
Head out on an undersea adventure if you're near the ocean or if not – just have a snorkeling class with your bachelorettes at the local pool or lake!
Bachelorette Surfing Class
If you lucky enough to be on a coast, give a surfing lesson a try and take the entire Bachelorette Party with you! Afterward have a bonfire on the beach, put on your party leis and invite your cute surf instructor to join you!
White Water Rafting (Bachelorette Style)
If you’ve never tried white water rafting this is the perfect Bachelorette Party for you! Pick adventurous rapids or a relaxing float down a lazy river – either way with your Bachelorette along for the ride, you will have a great time!
Rock Climbing Bachelorette
The local rock-climbing gym will LOVE to host your Bachelorette Party. Be sure and request their cutest instructor!
Bachelorette Habitat for Humanity Party
Get out your tool belt and grab your bachelorettes for a FUN day of helping others and building homes! Invite the hottest carpenters on the job to the “after party” at your local pub!
Bachelorette “Charity Walk” Party
Pick the brides favorite charity and join in their walk event. Get the entire Bachelorette Party matching shirts and make sure each bachelorette has a lot of sponsors donating for your group. At the end of the walk donate all of the proceeds in the bride's name.
Bachelorette Trash Pick-Up Party
Take the bachelorette party to the brides' favorite park and spend a few hours picking up trash. After the work is over enjoy a relaxing picnic along with party games.
Bachelorette Day at the Local Animal Shelter
Take the entire Bachelorette Group to the local animal shelter for a fun day with the dogs and cats. Volunteer to help with an adoption fair, feed the animals, walk the dogs, clean up the kennels, etc.
Bachelorettes Segue Tour
Try a Segue for a fun and unexpected tour with all of your bachelorettes. You won’t believe how much fun a Segue can be! Really daring? Try playing a game…like segue polo or segue hide and seek…FUN and good for the environment!!!
Climb a Mountain with your Bachelorettes
Pick a small mountain, perhaps a 3–4-hour hike to the top. Pack some snacks and your camera and make it a quest. Most people have never climbed a mountain – and what a great memory for both the Bride and the Bachelorettes.

As always, please send me your great additions and comments! THANKS!
Have the World’s Best Bachelorette Party and …

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