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How to Tame an Out-of-Control Bride at her Bachelorette Party!

June 15, 2023 2 min read

how to tame an out of control bride

One of the BIGGEST CONCERNS for Bachelorettes is taming the OUT-OF-CONTROL BRIDE. You want the Bride to have an amazing night that she will never forget, but you also don’t want her to cross a line and have regrets about her bachelorette night or jeopardize her relationship with the Groom.

3 Signs You Need to Tame the Bride

      • The Bride is removing her clothing and a crowd has gathered to take pictures.
      • The Bride wants to leave the party with a stranger.
      • The Bride wants to get a tattoo or piercing that is permanent.

The Solutions

To help Bachelorettes everywhere facing this issue, I have devised 3 simple solutions:

Fuzzy Handcuffs Game

When you present the fuzzy handcuffs to the Bride as a bachelorette party gift, she will think they are for the Wedding night, but they may in fact come in handy during the bachelorette party. Simply tell the Bride that putting the fuzzy handcuffs are part of a bachelorette party game called "Bride Bondage". The idea of the game is to handcuff the bride (hands behind her back) and see if she can find the person holding the key. She will know that person as they will buy her a specific type of shot (you decide). The hard part is… she can’t ask anyone outright if they have the key. She can only ask people to buy her a shot…and what kind of shot they will buy her. If they buy her a shot, they might be holding the key… She must drink every shot presented to her. The person holding the key will buy her a shot of a specific type (you decide) and that is how she will know who they are. Be warned, sometimes this plan can backfire because the bride will keep drinking!

Dance Floor Cage

Notify the DJ of the brides' favorite songs and head to the dance floor with the bride and ALL of the BACHELORETTES. Form a circle around the Bride. All of the Bachelorettes can help to keep the Bride on the dance floor by forming a ring around her and keeping her in the center of the circle. If she escapes, try plan C.

Plan C

The Bride can’t get in any trouble while she is in a limo with all of her Bachelorettes! Grab the bride and head to a new location. If she is REALLY out of control instruct the limo driver to take the LONG way…maybe she will tucker out before you get to the next location! Distract her by playing a game in the limo!

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