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This AMAZING QUIZ will find the Best Bachelorette Party Ideas for your Bride-to-Be!

June 14, 2023 5 min read

Quiz - find the best bachelorette party ideas for your bride to be

Are you putting on a Bachelorette Party and don’t know where to start? This QUIZ is your perfect starting point for planning the World’s Best Bachelorette Party!!

Step #1

Party Planner answer these questions:

How much time do you have before your planned Bachelorette Party date?

a. OMG It’s less than a week away!!! – 500 points
b. I have time to make this party great! – 100 points


How many people will attend the Bachelorette Party (including yourself and the bride)

a. It’s just the brides closest friends and family, so less than 5 Bachelorettes. – 5 pts
b. Wow, this is bigger than I thought, but at least it’s less than 15 bachelorettes. – 20 pts
c. I’m not sure how to plan a party this big, it is more than 16 Bachelorettes!!! – 50 pts


Step #2

The Bride answers these questions:

What is the brides idea of a perfect Bachelorette Party?

a. Low Key and relaxing is the way to go.
b. I don’t want the typical bachelorette party, I want to get outside or do something active with my friends.
c. I want a night on the town, but I don’t want all the usual naughty bachelorette stuff.
d. I want a wild night with lot’s of naughty, old-school bachelorette fun!

What are the brides favorite Foods?
1. _________________

What are the brides favorite drinks?
1. _________________

What are the brides favorite songs?
1. _________________

What are the brides favorite movies?
1. _________________

Step #3

Look at the chart below to see great ideas for the World’s Best Bachelorette Party for this Bride!

Find your score (from Step #1), and the Bride-to-be’s letter (from Step #2) below to see what the perfect Bachelorette Party idea is…

550 a

You are hosting a HUGE bachelorette Party in no time at all and the bride wants something relaxing: Try a PotLuck backyard BBQ Bachelorette Party or a Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party (did the bride pick wine as one of her favorite drinks?) and ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine.

550 b

A Big Party just days away and it must have an active/outdoor flare? No problem. Call a bowling alley and arrange for a Bachelorette Bowling party or if the weather is great try Bachelorette horseback riding.

550 c

Last minute and a huge crowd for a night on the town? Get the crowd together and head to a comedy club or a drag show!

550 d

It may be too last minute to book a pleasure party, but it’s never too late to put on your highest heels and head to the local strip club or dance bar! Make sure to tell the DJ to play the brides favorite songs! Woot Woo!

520 a

Since you don’t have much time and the bride wants a relaxing evening invite the Bachelorettes over for a Bachelorette Movie Night (grab the brides favorite movies on DVD) or a FUN Game Night with the Bachelorettes. Click here for a list of 20 GREAT Bachelorette Movie Ideas!

520 b

Short on time with a big guest list makes most active/outdoor events difficult to plan. Try a Bachelorette Golfing Tournament if the weather is great or a Bachelorette Roller-skating Party if the weather won’t cooperate!

520 c

With the party just days away and a more intimate guest list, I recommend the local dueling piano bar or a comedy club for a FUN night with your Bachelorettes.

520 d

An old-fashioned bachelorette scavenger hunt is easy to pull together in no time at all…afterwards go dancing!

505 a

For a low-key night with a small group try a bachelorette Slumber party. Kick it old school with the bride and be sure you have her favorite movies and junk foods on hand!

505 b

Head to the great outdoors for a fun overnight Camping Bachelorette Party. Borrow your brother’s tent and have the Bachelorettes bring their own sleeping bags…build a fire, make S’mores…and tell stories under the stars.

505 c

With such a small group it’s easy to take in a play or musical, but with so little time I’d call a last-minute ticket service. Maybe you can even get a discount on the tickets!

505 d

Your closest friends/Bachelorettes will have a great time at the local strip club or dance bar. Make sure to tell the DJ the Brides favorite songs or request one from our bachelorette party playlist download!

150 a

Since you have plenty of time to plan for this event but a huge guest list, how about booking a boat cruise for the entire bachelorette party? Nothing is more relaxing for the bride that sailing, sipping wine and spending a great time with friends.

150 b

For this event why not include the guys with a bachelor vs bachelorette softball game or football game? More players than you need? Make sure to assign some cheerleaders!

150 c

Since you have the time to plan this party, why not plan for the entire bachelorette party to attend a concert. You already know the brides' favorite songs/artists and she will love this idea!

150 d

Why not have an old-fashioned strip tease bachelorette? When the stripper arrives hand the bride a wad of 1$ and grab your camera!

120 a

For a relaxing time and plenty of time to plan why not head over to the brides favorite Spa for a Spa Day Bachelorette Party. Make certain your Spa can accommodate your large group…and be sure to negotiate a group discount!

120 b

A Zip Line Bachelorette Party will knock everyone off their feet and send them sailing thru the air! Since you have time to plan in advance this large size group shouldn’t be a problem.

120 c

Grab your group and head to an improv class followed by a night at the comedy club. This bachelorette party will leave them laughing for weeks!

120 d

Have a bachelorette Biker party complete with temporary tattoos, a ride on a Hog and a drink at a biker bar. It will be a night the bride will not soon forget!

105 a

For such a small group with plenty of time to plan, why not make it extra special with a bachelorette ballooning party. Sail thru the air on the lazy breeze and see many gorgeous views during your majestic flight!

105 b

Why not grab your small group and head to the mountains for a bachelorette ski weekend. Hit the slopes or just sit by the fire or soak in the hot tub…what a blast!

105 c

For a night on the town with a small group try a Cirque d’Soliel show and buy the VIP tapas Rouge upgrade. You and the bachelorettes will see an amazing show and before and after the performance you will sit in a luxury tent and enjoy free food and drinks!

105 d Rent a Limo and take the entire bachelorette party on a local pub crawl. Hit all the brides favorite haunts and sample all of her favorite drinks!

For even MORE Bachelorette party Ideas check out our 100+ Bachelorette Party Ideas!

As always, please send me your great additions and comments! THANKS!
Have the World’s Best Bachelorette Party and …

Steph Storm
The House of Bachelorette


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