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How to Include the Groom in the Bachelorette Party

June 14, 2023 2 min read

How to include the Groom in the Bachelorette party

Including the groom in the bachelorette party festivities has become a more and more common trend in recent years. While having the groom attend the actual bachelorette party would sort of defeat the purpose (unless you’re having a joint bachelor-bachelorette party), there are still plenty of inventive, creative, and small touches which you can use to incorporate the groom in the bride’s special night. If you snag one or two ideas from our list, chances are that your bride will be touched you thought to include her husband-to-be, and her groom will definitely be excited to make the night even better!


The Groom Quiz Game

One of the most popular ways the bachelorette party will include the groom is by using the Groom Quiz Bachelorette Party Game!  The Groom Quiz is a great and easy way to let the groom feel included in the bride’s ‘last night as a single girl’, as well! You simply have him fill out the Groom Questionnaire. Since the questions are all about him, it will be a fun challenge to see how well the bride knows her soon-to-be husband. For every answer she gets right, let the bride give out a drink to someone else in the bachelorette party!

You can also turn the tables and ask him to fill out a questionnaire about the bride. Include questions like, “what is the bride’s favorite drink”, “what is one thing she can’t live without”, and don’t forget to throw some funny ones in, too! Like “what is one thing she does that annoys you” or vice versa! On the night of the party, have the bride try to guess what her fiancé answered. You’ll all have a blast seeing how the couple thought that each other would answer!


Love Notes

Another fun idea is to have the groom write the bride a cute little love notes or letter. Present it to her before you all hit the town. Since she’s already in a great mood because she’s surrounded by all her best friends, she’ll only be happier and more excited for what’s to come after reading his letter! Just make sure that the bride isn’t an easy crier- or else give her the letter before she puts on her mascara!


Use the Grooms Face

Recently, we’ve seen bridal parties print and cut out different size photographs of the groom’s face. Some bachelorette parties choose to do mini versions and adhere them to popsicle sticks, while others have gone all out and created masks to surprise the bride with! The bride will get a kick out of seeing all of her friends pretending to be her fiancé. Many times, they’re such a hit that the bridal party will save them and bring them out again for the wedding later on. Or, put the grooms face on a pin the junk on the hunk game! If your bride has a great sense of humor, this might be the perfect option for you!

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