Hilarious Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

Bachelorette Party Game Ideas
Bachelorette party games at home or those you can bring with you for a night out, will add some fun to your bachelorette party and help all of your friends get to know each other! Pick a few of these popular bachelorette party game ideas for your party:

Tried and True
  • Truth or Dare: You've probably played this at a slumber party or two in your day. You choose between "Truth" or "Dare" and then do the challenge or answer the question you're given. This time, you're all older, which means the Truths and Dares can get even sassier! Don't want to come up with your own questions? Use ones off of these cute bachelorette coasters or this fun table centerpiece. Incorporate drinking with the game "Flip, Sip, Truth or Dare."
  • MASH: Remember MASH? The game that tells you who you'll marry, how many kids you have, and what kind of house/car you'll end up in? (If you don't, check out the basics here!) The bride already knows who she'll marry, but the rest of the girls might now! Play a round for everyone, and predict who will be next to marry their MASH groom!
  • Charades: Instead of miming movies, books, or objects, play charades with wedding themes and the names of the bride's exes!
  • Scavenger Hunt: Paint the town red with a bachelorette-themed scavenger hunt! Create your own bachelorette party game idea, print our free Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt, purchase a pre-made game, or get some scavenger hunt cards that can fit into a purse!
Revamped Classics
Excuses to Flirt
  • Hottie Hunt: Look for a man who matches each description on these stickers, and then have them wear them! Let the single ladies present the stickers--maybe they'll get a free drink or a phone number out of it!
  • Hottie Rating Cards: Let the hotties know what you think of them with these free printable cards! Take turns scoring guys, and dare each other to go up and chat with anyone "8" or above!
  • Bachelorette Dares Checkbook: Do you dare to cash this check? This checkbook has twenty different dares to do at a bar or club! Upon completing the dare the 'reward' is a drink.It's a fun ice breaker and a great way to get out there and meet people!
Games for the Bride
  • Groom Quiz: Print out this free Groom Quiz and have the groom fill it out before the party. Then, at the party, ask the bride the same questions and see if she can guess his answers! Everyone will enjoy seeing just how well she knows the groom.
  • How Well Do You Know the Bride?: The bride will be the center of attention in this bachelorette party game at home! She'll answer questions about herself, while the rest of the party keeps score to see if they could guess her answers!

No matter what game you choose, it should add some fun and laughs to your party! Just make sure it can include everyone attending!

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