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How to Host a Bachelorette Viewing Party

August 03, 2023 3 min read

How to Host a Bachelorette Viewing Party

It's always our favorite time of the year when The Bachelorette is airing! This year, Charity is on a quest for love and has quite the pool of men to choose from. Women around the country throw viewing parties each week to gather together and watch each new episode that comes out. With drinks, food, and gossip of course! We want to give you some tips and tricks to throwing a great Bachelorette viewing party that you and all of your friends will love!


Where Can I Watch the Show?

First things first: Where to find the show! The Bachelorette airs at 8pm on Hulu, ABC, and YouTube TV. Make sure to gather all of your girls and get comfortable before 8pm hits!


What to Wear

Next up, attire. Since you'll be watching the show at night you'll want to make sure that you're comfortable. Grab your favorite pajamas or sweatpants, tie your hair up in a bun with a cute satin scrunchie and put on some comfy socks or slippers. If you want to spice up this party, since it is The Bachelorette after all, consider bringing lingerie for a try on haul during commercial breaks! Or you and all your gals can match in some pink floral robes or lingerie print dress tee's to add to the fun.


Grab a Bite!

Can't forget about food and drinks! Right when your girls show up, string a pecker candy necklace around their neck and you'll be sure to get some laughs.  You can't forget champagne of course; for all of the toasts you'll have to keep up with in the show! Cookies are always a great idea as well, consider using a champagne bottle cookie cutter to make sure even the cookies are on theme! You could always keep the naughty theme going and use pen*s shaped plates! We also have a gold buffet table decorating kit so you can add more treats like popcorn, veggies, and strawberries. More accessories like pecker straws and drink dudes will add so much fun to the party too!


Time to Decorate

You also need décor of course! Transform your space into the Bachelor mansion. We know the champagne is flowing at the mansion so make sure you have big shiny champagne balloons in every corner of your space. Champagne bottle danglers from the ceiling too! Also, you need plenty of roses. Accepting a rose from The Bachelorette is an honor and you and your girls all deserve a rose. You also can get specific decorations based on your favorite men in the show! Is Joey your favorite? Decorate your space in a luau theme to represent his hometown, Hawaii! 



It's always fun to make a guess for who you think is going to win The Bachelorette's heart and become her fiancé! Before the "Hometowns" episode, choose your top four favorite men and order them from fourth to first. Make a friendly bet or bet some money with your girlfriends to see who has the best husband radar!


Are You the Next Bachelorette?

Is this making you think about your bachelorette party? Has Mr. Right proposed or do you have a suspicion that he might soon? Start planning now! We have plenty of bachelorette party theme ideas for you to browse through and get inspired. We also have a whole page of bachelorette party blogs for you to read to get ideas for décor, outfits, and more to start creating the perfect bachelorette party!


We hope you enjoy your Bachelorette viewing party. Cheers!

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