Top 5 Games for a Donut Bachelorette Party

Top 5 Donut Games

We’re huge fans of the donut theme that’s blown up over the past years! It’s a super easy, yet super cute, idea – especially for bachelorette parties. Since we donut see this trend leaving any time soon, we’ve gathered the top five donut games that are perfect for your bachelorette party. From family friendly to adult, indoor to outdoor, there’s a game for every party!

Donut on a string
I’m sure many of you remember this classic classroom party game – we sure do! Well, we’re here to tell you it’s back…and definitely better. Simply hang donuts (by tying a string around them) at mouth-level for the players to reach. The only rule is no hands! Give your guests a count down and let them eat! This game is a hilarious win for both the eaters and the watchers. The first person to finish their donut hands-free is the winner!!

Donut Ring Toss
This one requires some DIY-ing, so we suggest you do a little pinterest-ing beforehand (check out our Donut Bachelorette Party Board for some inspo). Basically, it’s your classic game of ring toss, but donut-ized. You’re first going to need something for the rings (the donuts) to land on, we recommend a bottle or a stake in the ground. Next, cut some donut shapes out of scrap cardboard – the bigger the donut hole, the easier the game. Decorate the cardboard with paint, glitter, even sprinkles for a more fun look! If you’re not into crafting, just grab some inflatables like these. Finally, set a distance from where players can toss fro. Now you’re all set to play!

Donut Cocktail Contest
Looking for a more adult game? Here you go! Give your guests tons of supplies (flavored liquors, frosting, sprinkles, juices/mixers, etc.) and see who can create the best donut inspired cocktail. Have your guests all try and rate each drink based on creativity, looks, and taste. The highest average score wins!

Donut Decorating
Grab a bunch of plain or glazed donuts from your local bakery (or bake them yourself) and have your guests decorate their own! Make sure you have lots of icings, frostings, sprinkles, and other toppings on hand for use. This is definitely one for the DIY-ers.

Donut Stack
Grab a tons of donuts (they’re super cheap, so no worries), and see which guest can stack the most without it toppling .To make this game more difficult, and more adult-friendly, each person must take a shot when their donut tower topples and then restart. The winner can take all of the donuts home!

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