Top 10 Ways to Thrill the Bride at her Bachelorette Party

Top 10 Ways to Thrill the Bride at her Bachelorette Party
Make sure the bride knows you're all here for her! Spoil her at her bachelorette party with some of these ideas and bachelorette party etiquette:

10. Don't Let Her Pay
At bachelorette parties, it's customary that the bachelor doesn't pay for her meals or activities. Keep that in mind as you make a budget with the other party attendees, and see if you can collect a few bucks from each lady to help offset the costs! The bachelorette will be flattered at the action and will feel relaxed at not having to worry about another wedding-related expense.

9. Help Her Look Fabulous
Make sure the bride is ready for her bachelorette party and looking good! Book her an appointment for a manicure or blowout before going out on the town, and have an outfit ready for her to change into. We recommend a custom rhinestone shirt, or if she has a dress picked out already, a custom rhinestone sash to drape over it. Don't forget accessories! The bride needs a fabulous tiara or veil to complete her look.

8. Make Her Relax
The bride's wedding is coming up, and she probably needs some time to relax. Start the party off with a spa day and treat her to a massage or a facial!

7. Help Her Pack For the Honeymoon
Send the bride on her honeymoon with a whole bunch of lingerie! Get a duffle created and ask each attendee to bring a cute piece of lingerie to place in the bag. Surprise the bride with it at the party! Looking for lingerie suggestions? We recommend these cute and customizable rhinestone sleep sets and underwear.

6. Put Together a Wedding Day Survival Kit
Give your bride a gift that doubles as peace of mind on her wedding day. Fill a fun tote with all of the items she may need during the day: Safety pins, white thread and a needle, mints, deodorant, aspirin, tissues, some water, and almonds or an energy bar,

5. Get Nostalgic
Fill the bride with memories of the sweet times you and the other attendees have shared with her. Create a scrapbook or photo album and allow each attendee to create a page with pictures and a sweet message for the bride. She'll love reminiscing and will be touched by the thought that went into the gift! Send her home with more memories of the bachelorette party with this sweet autograph frame.

4. Incorporate Her Fiance
Remind the bride why she's getting married with a sweet surprise from her fiance! Have him send a bottle of champagne and a sweet note to your hotel room or restaurant, or involve him in one of the bachelorette party activities. This Groom Quiz is a fun way to test the bride and groom's compatibility without him having to be at the event! Just have him fill out the questionnaire in advance, or record him answering the questions and play it during the party.

3. Make Her the Star
Make sure everyone knows the bride is the star, no matter where you go. Call ahead to restaurants and bars and see if they can reserve you a VIP section or include her name on the menus they serve you. Many places offer special deals and arrangements for bachelorettes. These could include free drinks, free desserts, or songs and activities done in front of the whole place!

2. Leave the Drama at Home
Today is all about the bride, so leave the drama at home and have a fun time! It's not the time to complain about the bridesmaids dress or about your boyfriend. Celebrate time with the girls and keep everything upbeat! The bride will be happier if everyone else is having a good time at the event as well.

1. Listen to What She Actually Wants
Some girls want an all-out wild party, and others really just want a low-key event with a couple of girls. Check in with the bride and see what her expectations are for the party and make sure you follow them! (If she says "No Strippers," No Strippers!)

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