Planning a Bachelorette Party for your Sister

How to plan a Bachelorette Party for your Sister
Your sister (or future sister-in-law) is getting married, and YOU'RE in charge of throwing her bachelorette party! What do you do? Where do you start?? Take a deep breath and work your way through this list:
  • Talk to the Bride: What does the bride want to do for her party? She may have ideas that you haven't considered.
  • Get a Guest List: Once the bride has shared her ideas for the parties, ask her for a list of guests she wants you to invite. You may not know all of her friends/co-workers, so make sure she gives you email addresses/phone numbers as well as a handy little "cheat sheet" of how she knows them. Is there drama between any friends? People with food allergies, budget limits, or other special considerations you may need to be aware of? Make sure she tells you. Does she want to invite more family to the party? You may want to consider throwing a family-friendly event. Do you now know anyone but your sister at this party? Ask if you can invite a friend along so you're not by yourself throughout the night.
  • Introduce Yourself: Send an email out to the attendees introducing yourself and letting them know you're planning the bachelorette party. If any of them have suggestions or things they know the bride loves, have them send the info your way! You may not know that side of your sister as well as others may!
  • Ask For Help: If you're not 21, but want to make sure there's champagne or a fun cocktail for those who are of-age, ask one of the bride's older friends to take on the task. Does the bride or her friends want to incorporate some "naughty" elements, but the idea grosses you out? Have one of her friends handle that as well.
  • Showcase Embarrassing Childhood Pictures/Stories: You've got an advantage by being the sister of the bride: you've got dirt on her! Show all of her embarrassing (but fun) pictures, or tell some stories of her childhood loves. Her new friends will love hearing about the bride as a kid!
  • Give the Bride Time to Be With Her Friends: This night is for the bride, and while you and she share a special connection, give her time to spend with her other friends as well! Everyone will be competing for her attention, so do the right thing and share her.
Still not sure what to do for your sister? Take a look at these 101 Bachelorette Party Ideas to get your creativity started!

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