Bachelorette Party Photo Prop Ideas

Bachelorette Party Photo Prop Ideas
Photo booths are becoming a popular element at parties and weddings, and for good reason: It's a fantastic ice breaker and you'll end up with great photos of your attendees letting loose! Want to have a photo booth at your party? You don't need to shell out money for a professional set up or a photographer! Just create a defined photo area by setting up a backdrop. You can create a backdrop on any wall using basic party supplies:

  • Boas: Hang them vertically in a row to get the effect shown in the picture above!
  • Tinsel: Rows of tinsel will create a sparkly backdrop.
  • Streamers: Hang crepe streamers vertically in a row for a brightly colored backdrop.
  • Table Covers: For a basic single-color backdrop, a table cover can be used!
  • Banners: Accent any of the above backdrops with a banner celebrating the occasion.
Next to the backdrop, have a large prop box full of things your guests can play with and use in their photos!

You can use almost anything as a photo prop, but below are the tried-and-true best bachelorette photo booth props. Grab a couple of each prop and you'll be guaranteed some fantastic photos!

Let the signs do the talking! These make fantastic props because they can be passed back and forth between attendees quickly and easily, and they add a great pop of personality to the picture. The 26 Piece Bridal Photo Signs are perfect for an engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette party. They focus on the bride and groom, but there are signs for everyone (including the bridesmaids and maid of honor) in the pack!

Stick Photo Props
These props can be found at every wedding and event with a photo booth! The stick props have an old-timey feel and are an easy way to transform your look with a flick of the wrist. Go Bridal with the Wedding Photo Props: they include "Mrs." and "Mr." signs. Want something a little less wedding-y? Channel your inner cowgirl with Western Photo Props, including a paper cowboy hat and boots!

Are you a bride, a devil, or a princess? Change your look from sassy to sweet, all depending on the headpiece you wear! Get a few hats, tiaras, and veils to set the mood, and pick out something special just for the bride. She'll want to keep wearing it even after the photo op is done!. (And don't forget a pair of devil horns!)

The party's begun when the first wig goes on. Get a few in a variety of colors and shapes. Guests will love getting wild with a different look! They may like it so much, they choose to go out in the wigs later! (This is great for shy girls that may not want their true identity shown in the pics!)

Masks and Glasses
Disguise yourself with some themed masks and fun glasses! Pick the adjective that describes you best from these Bachelorette Party Masks, or get funky with some Bling Shutter Glasses. The girly-girls will love posing with these bow glasses, and the Bride to Be will have to pose in these blingin' shades!

Want to go above and beyond the basic photo booth? Create a photo booth game! Challenge the girls to create the best photos using the props, and then have prizes on hand for the winners! Challenges can include:
  • Best impression of the bride
  • Best impression of the groom
  • Sexiest photo
  • Funniest photo
  • Most girls in one photo
  • Most props used in one photo

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